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10 Essential Opera Plugins

Opera is proven as the fastest browser for surfing the Internet. While Opera sometimes lacks the many plug-ins that other browsers make available, such as Firefox’s hundreds of thousands of plug-ins, Opera has some of the most essential plug-ins available that make surfing the Internet a better experience overall. With the help of the following plug-ins and widgets available for the Opera browser, surf time is drastically reduced and user experience is more than satisfying.

1. Update Checker: installs easily and is wholly customizable while displaying on the desktop wherever is most convenient to the user. It saves the user time by alerting him to any updates made to his favorite websites so that he does not have to waste time visiting the site needlessly every day.

2. Post Code: a widget for webmasters using Opera to write code. This quickly translates special characters into HTML to then cut and paste the code where he needs it. This saves the webmaster time because he does not have to look up the HTML code of each character he needs to use; simply inserting the character into the text box, it translates it into HTML code instantly.

3. Thumb Mark: an Opera widget for the desktop that allows the user to view every bookmark as a small screenshot. The user can import from and customize as needed. Easily installed, this widget saves the user time by showing him the pages all at once instead of looking at a link and guessing what the bookmarked website is.

4. Super Searcher: saves a massive amount of time by allowing the user to search all the search engines at one time right from the desktop. Not only can the user search such search engines as Google and Yahoo, but it also searches various websites as well including Lycos, Ask, eBay, Amazon, AltaVista, About, BBC, TigerDirect and many others.

5. RapidShare Loader: a widget designed for users of the popular file sharing site, RapidShare Loader works by tracking links of potential downloads, saving them to the download menu, downloading the files and closing the tabs when it finishes the download; the widget does it all by itself.

6. Check WhoIs: a widget for those who make use of public WhoIs services. Simply entering the domain name then selecting the extension will show the user information publicly available. It appears instantly thus saving the user time because he no longer needs to go to the WhoIs website to login every time he searches a domain.

7. Torrent Power Search: made for those who download peer-to-peer files, Torrent Power Tool saves the user time by using the torrent search to search all available torrent engines. It also also makes viewing seed and leech information and downloading easier as well.

8. Wikipedia: a search tool widget for Opera that instantly searches Wikipedia for relevant information about the user’s search term. Instead of going to Wikipedia to search, the user can use the widget from the desktop in four languages and save time.

9. ScrapWall: a widget that makes communicating on the Internet easier. Using this Opera widget, the user can chat with friends and read notes posted by others. It allows the user to leave messages for others whether they are online or not.

10. Font Search Widget: designed for web designers, Font Search Widget allows Opera users to search for any font by name within all the search engines right from the desktop. Simply entering the name of the font and he widget to searches the Internet for where he can download it from and gives other relevant information about it.

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

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