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10 ways to use your Business Cards more effectively

I need not explain to you the importance Business cards share in our lives, they are a must for all those business companies who want to get established fast and be regarded amongst the professionals of the niche.

Wanting to extend the marketing campaign is another thing, whilst Business cards are the other. Business cards are a part of our image and professionalism which can either fetch us clients or get us broke!

Everybody wants exactly the “best” business card around… and for that all they need to do is make sure of a few things which could get them the best business card for their company. There are many such points to keep in mind, but we bring to you the 10 most efficient ways to make your business card effective;

1. Back it up

Don’t leave the back of your business card empty… fill it up with something like a map to the location of your company or office and lead the people directly there.

2. Spread them like Air

Once you have got them printed from Business Cards Printing services, spread them like air…yeah. Oh No! No! Don’t just throw them away from the top of a building. Instead utilize them and keep them in places where you spend like in a restaurant where you just paid the bill or like a metro you just traveled from. But just don’t put them in places you know they will be no good. ☺

3. Start a conversation

Use your business card to start a conversation with a stranger whom you think might be interested in your service. Go ahead ask them…”What do you think of my business card, I just got it printed.” Most people fall for that trick and are found as a member or client of you business.

4. Pass them within a minute

If you happen to talk to a person for more than a minute or so…then make sure you give them you business card and find a way to turn them in. Not many people will be interested initially, but then you will know how to find the interested ones.

5. Bring out the creativeness

Don’t settle for the best seller or most popular designs instead make your design creative and in case you are wondering what could be creative in a 4 X 6 business card? Then you’re wrong creativity is independent of size and anything can be creative irrespective of the size or color.

6. Takers keepers

Make sure that when you pass on your business card to someone, you don’t lead them to the dustbin but to their wallets. Doing so sound pretty tough buy its quite easy, all you need to do is show them that you’re there and you can handle the business, you know about your business and most of all- You are amongst the professionals.

7. Let the colors fall in

Let there be colors throughout your card… but make sure not to over color them after all they are just business cards not rainbows. Colors are attention grasping and lead many people to become potential clients.

8. Let the card talk

Let the card do the talking for you…let it tell the viewer what you do..If your business card is able to do that effectively, you might be able to draw a couple of clients in your way for sure.

9. Stand out of the crowd

The aforementioned phrase as we all know means to be extra-ordinary. Your card should be extraordinary and not the regular one. If it is not unique, people will think that it is just another guy providing the service and you will be regarded as “beginner”.

10. Do what you Do

Don’t act but be confident whilst you are giving your business card to someone because once you have them get the image of you as a beginner then it would be very difficult to grab them as clients…so, I order to be saved from such a case be confident and talk a little about the work and you success etc. Don’t be a fool to tell them you don’t like your job/work, and it’ll all just work out.

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar is a professional blogger from Pune, India. He is Software Engineer, Web Addicted. At Shake the Tech, he writes on Technology, Gadgets & so on. Follow me @vishal

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