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15 Smart Tips for Android Smartphones

Android smartphones put pressure on Apple’s iPhone, also because the devices cheaper, but are not necessarily worse. The feature set provided by Android is huge and not every shot is to discover at a glance. Much of the operation of modern smartphones is now self-explanatory. Nevertheless, several features still to be found only after extensive tasting. Some evade detection altogether, or penetrate only by chance in the horizon of experience of the user.

You know about all the menus or functions that can be activated with a “long press”, the longer you press a button or a link? Often, a menu with specific options, for example to create a bookmark. Long Press, comparable to the operation of the right mouse button is the most common way the operating system to extract hidden features. Also, the hardware buttons and the background of the startup screens snatch you as the last secrets.

1. View most recently used apps

To accelerate the transition from one app to another, it is enough to press the Home button for about two seconds. The display shows a list of six or eight apps (depending on phone and screen size) that you have opened recently. Some phone models also come to light, the button that leads to the Task Manager.

2. Voice command call

Press and hold the search button (magnifying glass icon) opens the voice command. So that you dictate to your mobile phone after a few practice rounds. what to do: start a call, to calculate a route, or write an e-mail or text message or open a web page.

3. Creating links

Back to an open area on the home screen with a sustained finger pressure to the body, opens a selection menu that lets you start an application, among other things, change the background or create shortcuts. The latter is an easy way to store some frequently visited websites in App-optics as a quick start button.

4. Creating new folders

Hand-over begins to increase the chaos of the apps on the screens of smartphones, it is advisable to bring back with folders structure. Just press and hold a blank space on the home screen and choose “Folder.”

5. Open link in new window

Here fingers lingered longer on an Internet address, open a context menu. Here you have the opportunity to link in a new window to open, save it as a bookmark to send this link or copy the URL to paste into an e-mail.

6. Direct access to contact options

Click the place in the address book on the name to the image of a person, you will appear a menu that allows you to directly select, whether you call the person, send her an e-mail or text message, or in with her & by Facebook Co. Contact will occur.

7. Self-portrait

Take photos of themselves is, even with the phone a tricky endeavor. Android phones without front camera have therefore mostly a self-portrait mode. By facial identification, the camera is to focus on your face triggered, self-timer. The results seen by trial and error (trial and error) out, but what counts is the fun.

8. Sets write faster

Does not work for any Android device, but many (for example: HTC, Nexus):  finish sentences faster by double-clicking the space bar. It translates a point followed by a space end of the sentence.

9. Search website

To search on a website for a word, choose one after the menu button, more and found on page . This opens a search box (left), into which you type in the word.

10. The menu for special characters

As always, if you know it, it’s easy. One or the other has sought unsuccessfully the first time after so-called diacritical characters (ä, ö, ü, ë, é, è, ê, œ …). Example: For a “ü” simply hold the “u” key, it seems a choice. Whisk until the “ü” and can only go there.

11. Reject unwanted callers

Annoying Callers put on the blacklist – how it works: If not already done so, take the person into your address book and then edit the entry. Press on the name, then click the menu button and then on Options . “A check mark next to send incoming calls directly to voice mail “makes for peace.

12. Website to share on Facebook

Touch opens an Internet address for two seconds to add a context menu: Via links to pass a list of possible options, including Facebook, Google + etc. Select as the “facebook” opens Android the corresponding website. Here to comment on the link and send it to your friends (pictured left).

13. Show Date

Most Android smartphone show right above the current time, but where you find the date? It is sufficient to pull down the status bar: day, month and year will be in the top left corner.

14. Call Reject / mute A call

Comes in, inappropriate conduct with a finger wipe of the red telephone icon to the left next to the mailbox. Even with the moment you switch or the volume button you get the annoying ringing silenced. Elegantly solve the problem, Samsung and HTC: Simply turn the unit and the meeting off the phone mute function.

15. Display History and bookmarks

If you are in the browser, the long pressure on the Back button opens the list view for favorites, frequently visited web pages and the course.

Both the model of diversity as well as the operating system versions floating around in the market for Android phones make it difficult to describe features that apply to all models. ShakeTheTech has compiled 15 tips that work on almost any Android smartphones – no matter whether they run under Cupcake (Android 1.5), or Gingerbread (Android 2.3).

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar is a professional blogger from Pune, India. He is Software Engineer, Web Addicted. At Shake the Tech, he writes on Technology, Gadgets & so on. Follow me @vishal

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