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3 Things to Know About Military Equipment

Have you ever wondered about all of that special military equipment? Where does it come from and what happens to it when new equipment is made? Where does it all get kept until the troops need to use it? Read on for answered to three of your most pressing questions about military equipment.


What is a Military Contractor?

Sometimes, when you hear the term “military contractor,” it refers to a company that provides the military with civilians who have been trained (some of them are often ex-military).

Other times, though, a military contractor is a company that provides equipment, not people, to the military. The type of equipment that a contractor may offer is varied, ranging from weapons and tools to aircraft and vehicles.

What’s Sold at an Military Surplus Store?

Army and military surplus stores sell goods that were manufactured for the military but that were leftover for whatever reason. Typically, you won’t be able to find new goods at a military surplus store, but you will be able to find a lot of past edition clothing, tools, and other goods.

The best part about shopping at a military surplus store is that the prices are generally low, much like when you shop at a secondhand store. One of the most common items that’s sold at an army surplus store is the military uniform – you can find uniforms and parts of uniforms from the different branches of the military.

What Does a Military Engineer Do?

While contractors are often used for military equipment, how that equipment is transported and where it is kept is often the job of a military engineer. Unlike some of the equipment, engineering is not outsourced to contractors – specially trained military personnel handle engineering in order to keep everything as secure as possible.

Military engineering covers a host of practices, including building safe structures to keep troops safe when they’re in the battlefield and building areas to safely store equipment and weapons.

Interested in learning more about military equipment? Browse military equipment online and contact us if you need more information or have any questions.

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

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