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4 Cool Games to Play Online for Squadoosh (Free)

One of the best things that the Internet brings is that there are so many things to do so boredom would be out of the picture. Watch videos, chat with friends, shop and listen to music. Another thing that you can do is play games.

Choose from thousands of free online games from websites such as MiniClip or Jojo. these websites offer something for kids and adults to enjoy and here are some cool games you can play in them.

Feed Us Happy

If you’ve played Feeding Frenzy before, Feed Us Happy is somewhat similar to that game. Control the little fish and eat fishes that are smaller than him. But unlike Feeding Frenzy, the fish has an attack power in this game, which you can use to blow the obstacles.


However, avoid bigger fishes and sea creatures as they will eat your fish. The fish gets bigger as you progress in the game. There are also objectives to complete, which you can check out on the main screen before you start the game.

X Speed Race II

Car racing games are very popular in arcades. If you love these types of games, there’s no need to go to the video arcade since you can play one on your web browser.


X Speed Race II is like the usual car racing games you play. Choose your car and the map and try to beat the other drivers to get the top spot. What’s good about it is that you can play as much as you want without running out of coins!

Turtle Mega Rush

Here’s another endless runner that you’ll love. It’s adorable as it stars a cute little green turtle that wants to be cooked by the chef. Launch the turtle out of the pot and run from the chef to save its life.

Collect coins and stars along the way while avoiding various obstacles. Avoid bumping on the pots and watch out for the spaces that could make you fall. There’s also the energy bar that you need to consider as running out of energy will also end the game.

Extreme Skater


This cool title reminds a hybrid of Tiny Wings and Icy Tower. You are a nifty surfer that gets pushed off a mountains into this arcade-type runway where you have to remain on your skateboard by balancing it using the two arrow keys. Simple, but fun and groovy. Oh, you acn do stunts too!

Cuti’s Diner

Fancy running your own diner? This is just the right game for you. It’s like the popular flash game Diner Dash. In Cuti’s Diner, you’ll play the role of Betty. Give your customers a seat, get their order and serve it to them. Use your mouse to do all of these.

For instance, click on the customer then click the table to have a sit. You’ll know when they’re ready to order as they’ll wave at you. Orders will be taken to the kitchen automatically when you click on the customer. Get the food from the counter and click on the customer who ordered it to serve. Once the customer is done eating; click on the table to get the payment.

But beware as these customers can get impatient. They may just leave the diner if they wait too long. Foods you were not able to serve can be thrown in the trash but this will cost you money. There’s a specific amount that you need to earn on each episode before you move to the next one. If you cleared the goal, you can use the money you earned for upgrading your diner, which can help you earn more cash.

Fruit Slasher 3D

If you thought that it’s a game that’s similar to Fruit Ninja, then you’re right. Slash the fruits and stashes of money by clicking and moving your mouse. Watch out for the hamster as accidentally slicing it will immediately end the game. Furthermore, missing more than five fruits also means game over.

There are so many games to play on the web that you can keep on trying new ones each day.

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

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