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4 iPhone Apps to Bind WP-Blog and iOS together

For a technical geek or a blogging enthusiast, there has hardly been a platform as intriguing as WordPress and the iOS ecosystem. In this post, we aim to bring the two systems which are often considered as the connoisseurs in their respective fields, together. If you are a WP-blogger and own an iPhone, we come bearing good news for you.

In this article, we have shortlisted 4 amazing iPhone apps for WordPress, which will you explore the best of the two platforms. Please read ahead to know more:

1. WordPress for iOS

WordPress for iOS

Let us get started with the official WordPress app for iPhones. Other than boasting of all the resourceful features for the platform, the app got a major revamp a while back and is an amazing option if the bloggers wishes to edit, create and update content while being on the go.

Various capabilities of this app are mentioned below:

  • Easy content creation and editing.
  • A convenient way of adding videos and images to the blog posts.
  • Take care of the admin work, reply to the comments etc easily, with the help of this app.
  • It shares your location while you post and hence add an extra dimension to the project.
  • It contains analytics with jetpack installation and thus allows you to easily manage and admin your blog, from wherever you would like.
  • Lastly, if you wish to carry out a much more thorough research and admin work, it provides an direct and seamless access to the desktop dashboard.

And just for your information, the experience will be much more profound with the big and engaging screen of an iPad, as against iPhones and iPods. But even with your iPhone, the app works perfectly well. Go explore more, and carry your blog in your back pocket with it.

2. Blogsy


We just discussed the WordPress app for iOS, and sang songs of appreciation for it, but not all iPhone bloggers really share that sentiment. They find the screen not that impressive, and there are other problems as well. Well, hoping that those readers are still with us, we are here to provide an alternative to the same. Those users who are not really charmed by WordPress for iOS often develop an instant connection and liking towards Blogsy.

The app provides a wide multitude of formatting options, including WP Integration, drag and drop and a lot more. However, since the app is quite extensive, it is limited to the iPad users only and since there is just so much that goes on in this app, you would not be able to explore the depths of its utility from an iPhone.

The app comes at minimal price of $4.99, which is hardly a price to pay, given the wide gamut of features it provides us with. Explore the app more and you may just abandon your laptop for blogging from now on.

3. BlogPress

If you are a fan of Blogsy but resent the fact that it is not available for your iPhone, BlogPress is the app which gets closest to replicating it over the iPhone / iPad environment. Although it is not as extensive as Blogsy, but still provide simple and guided features for posting the content, which works in an almost intuitive manner.

4. Evernote

We know that by no means can this be termed as a blogging platform, but who said Blogging was all about posting stuff, backend and admin work? Let us now allow our perspective to resume and get back to the very fundamentals of Blogging – it is an idea. An idea, that inspires you to create something, first in your heart, then in your mind and then after a guarded, inhibited and gushing experience, it comes out in the black and white – either on the paper or on your computer screen.

Well have you ever had any J K Rowling like moments, when you are traveling in a bus or a train and an event happens and you get the glimpse of an epiphany, a complete idea, but feel helpless that you do not have a pen and paper to write it down on? And by the time you got back home, the entire fertile and tumultuous situation was long gone?

Well those frustrating moments are not here to stay any longer, if you just download this app and use it as your content manager. Ever Note gives a separate folder to each of the blog entry, and each of the idea gets a different note, so that there remains no confusion. Besides, it gives you the ability to edit and rehash the content ubiquitously.

Lastly, it syncs the data on the cloud. Thus, your immaculate pearls of wisdom which your imagination is romancing with shall be up and ready and waiting for you, as and when you get back to your actual work place.

This brings us to an end to this post. We did our best to source out the iPhone apps for WordPress bloggers. For any of your WordPress development needs, do consider opting for offshore WordPress development. And now, please do share your first hand experiences regarding the apps that we discussed in the comments section below.

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar is a professional blogger from Pune, India. He is Software Engineer, Web Addicted. At Shake the Tech, he writes on Technology, Gadgets & so on. Follow me @vishal

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