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4 iPhone Apps that will Help you to Manage Your Time

Time management is one area many people, including myself, have a lot of problems with. We just can’t get to do as much as we want within the short frame of time we have. This definitely affects our life, and it might put a cap on one’s financial power. Be it as it may, you want to how to manage your time and make more purposeful use of your day. There have been a lot of write-ups and blog posts dedicated to how to manage our time, but the best solutions might lay our hands, if we choose the best apps.

Now, how do we get to know these apps? My blog post today will be listing 4 apps that you, as an iPhone user, can download and install on your device that will help you manage your time effectively.

1. Daily Routine

Daily routine is one of the most popular and reliable time management apps for iPhone. This app helps you create routine for your work and helps you to stick to them so that you can spend your time meaningfully.

The app reminds you of every routine you have set for each day. It’s a simple looking app and also easy to use. You can also print directly from the app, in case you want to stick your routine to your fridge or anywhere you’ll easily see and remember it.

This app is a steal at $2.99

2. Read it Later Free

You came across an interesting article on the internet and time does not permit you to read it, Read it Later gives you the opportunity to download such articles for you to read as an offline file when you are less busy. This is an excellent app that you will like to download on your iPhone as it will allow you to read even lengthy articles on your iPhone, removing ads and lines – thus rendering the page like kindle would.

For you to use this app, you need an account from and you can get the app for free. Although, there’s a premium version that has more sophisticated features which goes for $3.

The app also displays a list of pages you’ve downloaded and offers you the option to read the current offline version or if you chose to read the online version.

3. Things

The is a very realistic app that helps you master your time by implementing the email inbox style to customize your to do lists. If you check your Things account regularly just as you do your email inbox you’ll find out you are soon to become a master of productivity.

4. ToodleDo

Last on the list, ToodleDo is a sophisticated to do list and time management app. This app is rated as one of the 30 top paid to do apps. The app is customizable and has a very funny name, but nonetheless simple. It allows you to add as much productivity features to it as you want. It goes for $1.99.

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

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