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4 Online Tools for Sharing Files Very Quickly

There are many solutions for storing and sharing files online. The most famous is certainly Dropbox. Here are four alternatives and easy to use online tools for sharing files very quickly.

1. Filedropper

Filedropper is as an alternative to services like rapidshare, megaupload and others. Here, no waiting time and advertising invasive. You can upload a file up to 5GB, which is substantial. The file is deleted after 30 days if it is not downloaded. The site also offers paid accounts that offer more storage capacity.

2. Let’s crate

Drag and drop your files directly on the home page and once it has finished, the link that is valid for 30 minutes, is generated. If you create an account, you can store other data in your account. The characteristics of free account: 1GB storage, Maximum 50MB files and 1000 downloads.

3. Dropdo

Here you can share files up to 25MB. The advantage is that text files, audio or images are read directly in the browser before being uploaded. For example, text files open directly in Google Docs. A significant time saving in the collaborative work via the web. However, the files can not be deleted but the service will soon be used to create free accounts and premiums. Users can then manage their files. Files can also be shared on social networks easily.


This service is similar to Dropdo, is currently limited to 25MB files. Sharing is also very simple as it’s done from the home page. The tool also has an application on Mac, PC and smartphone (except Blackberry). There is also an extension for Google Chrome. The disadvantage here is that the photos are only playable on your browser but you can create an account to organize them.

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

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