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5 Best 3D Runners on Android

There are a lot of Runner games that are available, but not all of them have taken advantage of the new 3D graphics. The graphics can be quite impressive when done properly; so many people are excited to see them in action. Runner games are extremely popular for the mobile devices simply because they are rather easy to play, but they still end up being rather challenging.

The Runner games can be as short or as long as you would like them to be, and since the Android devices do not tend to have the same games available that the iOS does we have comprised a list of the 5 best 3D runner games that are currently available for the Android.

Temple Run



If you were to Google Temple Run you would see that it would pop-up all over the place and lists from best downloadable games to most entertaining continuous games. It is simply a great game. It is a rather basic concept.

Your character is the red-headed runner that is running from this creepy flying monkey looking type of creatures. Your job is to run as far as you can avoid obstacles and collecting coins along the way.

Agent Dash



If you like Temple Run you will like Agent Dash. Temple Run you are leading an Indiana Jones inspired character throughout a temple, while Agent Dash you are guiding your James Bond inspired character through the cartoon style 60’s. It is extremely fun and entertaining just like Temple Run.

The tuxedo clad Agent Dash will need to avoid obstacles and collect objects for bonus points the same way you have to in Temple Run. It just offers a new setting and a new character to stare at and enjoy.

Subway Surfers



Were you always the good kid in school, but enjoyed watching the troublemakers? Subway Surfers is a great way to experience a small part of that world. You have little rebellious teenagers wreaking havoc on their town, but like most troublemakers they have to run from the trouble that they have started.

Subway Surfers offers a little bonus that is not in Temple Run or Agent Dash for you can actually run on moving surfaces such as a train. You can complete some cool tricks and enjoy doing it all on a hover board.

Gravity Project



Gravity Project is just that a project of gravity. You no longer know what is up, down, and all around for in this 3D runner game the character is warped into this futuristic space and gravity is no longer an issue. You can run down walls and enjoy all kinds of mind blowing tricks that were limited when gravity was an issue.

This game almost has a horror style feel to it, but unlike most runner games you actually have levels and you will need to complete the level before you run out of time.

Mutant Roadkill



Mutant Roadkill is a little bit different than the other runner games on this list for you are not simply guiding a running character. You are actually guiding a truck that is being driven through a mutant plagued world.

You will want to takeout as many mutants as possible as you plow them down, blast them away, and avoid obstacles as you are driving through this mutant infested world. It is an extremely entertaining world especially if you enjoy blasting away some creepy mutants.

There are a lot more 3D runner games available on the market, but these just happened to be the top-rated 3D runner games that are currently available and enjoyed. The best part is that are all free.

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

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