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5 Android Apps for Smartphones Security

Android is an incredible operating system in various different ways, with ever advancement in the field of mobile technology, for this reason, it poses a great threat to all the Android based Smartphone users. People have been working on their smartphones because of the handiness the smartphones and OS offer them and as a result they carry exceedingly imperative data and files on their devices.

In case someone steals or hacks into their gadget or if they happen to lose it, all the personal and vital information the device stores will be lost and is not going to stay personal any more. You need to keep this fact in mind that your gadget is actually an investment and you should be doing your best to safeguard your photos, contacts, music, videos and text. Following are the 5 Android apps for smartphones that can be useful in securing your device.

1. McAfee WaveSecure 

It is a complete mobile security application that enables users to protect their imperative data, ensure complete privacy in case of theft and is useful in enhancing the probability of recovering the data from the device. Although the application does not support any firewall protection or virus scanner, but it offer various other features such as data backup, ability to lock the device remotely, restoring contacts or SMS to an online backup and more. These features make the app an ultimate choice for your Android smartphone.

2. Google Authenticator

Google Authenticator is an application that is developed by Google Corporation. It allows users to get hold of it with a 2-step verification process to protect their Google account from being hacked.

This application is useful in generating a 2 way verification process by sending the code to your phone. A 6 digit code is generated that users need to enter along with their username and password to login to gain access to the Google services. The application is available for free.

3. mSecure Password Manager

This application is useful in encrypting personal information and data such as passwords, usernames, account numbers and more. It supports a password generator as well; which can easily create passwords that are un-guessable. The best feature in this regard is that if any hacker or malware attempts to guess your actual password, it is going to self-destruct. The application also provides the feature of cloud services. You can have access to this particular application for only $5.

4. ProxyDroid

This app has been developed by Mark Lv. with the help of this application; you will be able to set a proxy on your device. It can be exceedingly beneficial in regions where different applications and websites are blocked. The application itself is an open source and is distributed with various other open source projects, and being an open source, you will be able to check the source code from their official site. You can have access to this application for free.

5. Antivirus Free

It is a lightweight and robust application which would be useful in protecting your device from all kinds of malicious apps. It will aid you in blocking the application which could compromise your privacy or security such as the social media sites like Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook and various others. This application is also useful in tracking down your device’s activity and sends the particular information to a remote server.

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

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