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5 Chrome Extensions That Will Help You to Save Money

People everywhere are tightening their budgets and looking for ways to save on every purchase they make, from the essentials like groceries to the online purchases that make life a little more fun when a new DVD or gadget arrives in the mail. Thanks to the advanced chrome extension support in Chrome, a whole new crop of money-saving tools have been developed by programmers which can ensure that each online purchase made is a sound one.

These five tools track the price of a product, cross-reference prices between multiple sources, and ensure that customers only buy the cheapest version of their desired item that the internet has to offer. Chrome just got better!

1. Ookong

This Chrome extension actually got its start as a Firefox add-on, but the development community surrounding it have recently ported the features to Google’s browser. Ookong is an extension that works exclusively with the Amazon shopping experience. As a user browses the site’s product offering, this extension sits in the address bar of the Chrome browser and allows a customer to look at the trend line of an item’s price over time.


Ookong indicates what an item’s highest price was, as well as what it’s lowest was (if it is not currently at its lowest price). Based on the price over time, Ookong advises a customer to either buy the item now and take advantage of the deep discount, or to wait for the product to return to a lower price point.

2. InvisibleHand

If you’ve ever been shopping online and wondered if a product you were checking out could be found elsewhere for less money, then InvisibleHand is your money-saving Chrome extension of choice.

It works with more than 100 retailers in the Untied States, United Kingdom, and Germany, and it’s activated as soon as you point your browser to a participating retailer. As you shop, it’ll notify you if you’ve found the best deal on something, or if it can be found for less money at a competitor such as Best Buy.

3. The Camelizer

Think of The Camelizer as a more versatile version of the Ookong extension. Sure, it offers an item’s price trend line on just like Ookong. But it goes above and beyond that extension’s functionality by also comparing prices (and trend lines) on products from and Best Buy.


That means you’ll be able to see how a product’s price has changed in recent weeks on three different websites, and you’ll know exactly when, and from where, to buy your desired item.

4. Unbeatable Bar

If you were impressed by InvisibleHand, you’ll definitely want to check out Unbeatable Bar. Though it’s not as easy and straightforward to use, and its interface is not nearly as polished, this extension will comparison shop for your item on more than 1,250 different online shopping websites. That’s exponentially better than InvisibleHand, even if the usability factor is a little worse than its competing extension. Like InvisibleHand, users will be notified of a cheaper price by a simple yellow bar that indicates where an item can be found for less money. They’ll have the opportunity to use a pop-up menu to navigate to that website and immediately add the item to their shopping cart.

5. Chrome Currency Converter

With multiple currencies around the world experiencing dramatic fluctuations in their value, you may find it advantageous to buy from international online stores that will sell and ship you the product of your choice for less than it would cost in your own currency.

However, converting currency can be a time-consuming task. If you’re looking to save money by buying internationally, the Chrome Currency Converter extension will do all the up-to-the-minute conversion rate math for you!


The biggest feature of Google Chrome is that its features can be supplemented by independently-developed extensions. Each of these unique extensions is free, and can save you a good deal of money during your next online shopping experience. Simply point, click, install, and save!

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

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