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5 iPad Apps That Can Help You Manage Your Finance

Though the financial information needed by an iPad, user varies with the individual, iPad App Store offers you a finance app to help you, whether you require it for managing your personal finance, running of your business or for keeping a track of the movements in the stock market.

Ever since its release in April last, iPad from Apple has revolutionized the technical world by selling three million units in less than three months and capturing 95% of the tablet market. Apparently, iPhone is a substantial investment, but you will appreciate it really helps you saving money finally.

Iphone provides you with several applications that help you save money in many ways; from preparing your budget to reminding for timely payment of your bills. Your basic financial requirements are now totally cared for.

Five applications that help managing your finance using your iPhone are here:

Financial News Apps

Financiers always like to keep track of news that affects their finances and iPad provides many ways of managing such news. The two best options suggested by App Advice are CNBC Real-Time and Bloomberg. Liz Magill from Intuit Small Business also rates these two as the best options. App Advice also advises The Street, an app for general information, connected to finance and investments.

Business Finance Apps

Numbers, a spreadsheet application from Apple makes it convenient to follow your business finances on iPad. It is attuned to Excel and .csv files. Intuit’s Liz Magill and Small Business Computing James A. Martin recommend “Numbers.” For keeping track of time and invoices on iPad, both recommend Time Master + Billing too.

Pocket Money

If you are looking for a personal financial manager with sleek looks and effortless running, you will find it hard to get something better than Pocket Money. The most helpful feature of Pocket Money is ‘budget bar’ panel that displays a customizable idea of your spending under different categories.  A quick look is all that you require knowing precisely where you are spending money every month and eventually categorize areas where you could save.

Bloomberg for iPad

Just a while back, everyone dealing with stocks, honed in on the Bloomberg iPhone application, but the iPad version is equally good. Shall we venture to say that it its larger interface is even better, allowing you to store an amazing amount of data?


It is not only for iPad and is completely compatible and essential for frequent patrons of eBay or those who need to pay money very often to out of the country freelancers. Many people just abhor the very concept of PayPal system, but few would deny that the official application lacks any intellect.

Banking applications offered by different financial institutions can be diverse, or they may be sufficient when you decide to jump from one bank to a new one. For example, Bank of America does not mind if use your iPhone to do your banking operations and that also allows you trace the nearest ATM. Likewise, Chase Finance too has an application that you may utilize for keeping  track of your balance, transfer funds and even access customer service using your iPhone.

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

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