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5 Ways to leverage Google+ for Boosting SEO results

Topmost Google ranking is the dream of every website owner. Considering the growing apprehensions for attaining a higher Google ranking, Search engine optimization experts have embraced several techniques. One such technique that has worked really well for boosting SEO results of websites is using Google+.


Well, experts still continue to debate whether Google+ has the potential to lift the rankings of websites or will it disappear with the passing time? One thing is clear. Google+ has definitely made its presence acknowledged in the Google Search results. Moreover, if utilized in the right format, Google+ truly is an excellent tool that will help your website attain a higher ranking on Google search engine.

What makes Google+ a pertinent tool for boosting SEO results?

Well, Google+ is a lot more than just a plain social media website. Over all these years, Google+ has evolved as a handy tool that has worked wonders for improving Google ranking of numerous websites.


Today, Google Plus has become an integral part of every online marketing campaign. The sole reason for this is the online marketing flexibility that is being served by the tool. With continuous updates introduced for Google Algorithm, it has become tedious to maintain a topmost search engine ranking.

It’s an account maintained with Google Plus that has actually helped businesses maintain their number one position on Google search engine results page.

Webmasters, bloggers and internet marketers have been benefitted equally via Google Plus. By associating your content with the Google Plus profile, you can easily grow your chances of getting noticed online. Highly relevant and 100% error-free content can help Google identify your business niche.

Google Plus brings incredible benefits for business enterprises

Google has become a key component of our lives. Whether its our email, our documents everything is being driven by Google. Today, almost every business organization focuses a lot on Google SEO.

It is being believed that if your website ranks high on Google, it will definitely be viewed by everyone accessing the internet for products/services similar to the ones offered by you. Investing even a little bit of time and energy into maintaining a flawless Google+ page for your business can work as a magic wand for improving the local search visibility and the lead generation rate.

And now, let’s get to know about the best ways of using Google Plus for improving your website’s SEO results

Collaborating Google+ account with your personal profile

If you’re blogger or a website owner, you can choose to claim authorship for all the articles/blogs posted in your/your company’s name. Doing this will make your content show up in Google search results even under situations where the internet users are not logged into their Google+ accounts.

On the contrary, if the users are logged in to their respective Google Plus accounts, they’ll be able to add you (if you’re the author) to their Google circles, thereby helping you get recognized by a greater number of people.

How to connect your blog posts to your Google+ profile?

Well, there are two methods of adding authorship connection from your web content to your Google Plus profile. The first one is to add your email address on each page of your content (article/blogs/press release etc.) and get the respective email address listed in your Google Plus profile.


The second method is formatting the URL of the web page/content you want to link to your Google+ profile. Once you’re done with setting up either approach to authorship, you’ll be required to fill out the authorship request form which will inform Google that you have completed all the directions for connecting your content to your Google+ profile.

Never leaving a field blank while creating your Google Plus profile

This technique will fetch you instant visitors. It is important to fill in complete details of your profile and pages because Google gives preference to 100% complete Google Plus accounts.

Moreover, a complete Google+ profile will appear appealing when any of your blog posts/articles are featured in the search engine results. Make sure to pay special attention to the first 55 characters of your Introduction as Google views only the first 50+ characters for ranking your website.

Choosing a direct connection of your Google+ page with your website

By directly connecting your Google+ page to your website, you can easily dominate Google search results in addition to gathering followers for your page.

There are two methods of connecting Google+ page to your website. As the first method, you can simply add a simple piece of code to your page that none of your visitors will be able to view. A second method of connecting your Google+ page to your website is adding a Google+ badge.

Gathering massive followers for your Google Plus profile page

Your website’s Google ranking is highly affected by the count of followers you have for your Google Plus profile. When it comes to using Google + for boosting search engine rankings, you need to focus on the count of followers rather than the mere readers for your content.

As per a survey, it has been found that individuals with maximum followers for their Google+ profiles have their websites ranked amongst the top 4 websites on the Google search results.

The question that arises here is: “How to get more followers for your Google+ Profile?”

Now that you’re familiar with the advantages of having greater number of followers for your Google+ profile, it’s time to learn the ways of gathering Google+ followers. Here’s a list of techniques that will fetch you maximum Google+ followers:

  • Inserting a link to your Google Plus profile and/or your web page on your website
  • Linking to your Google Plus profile and/or web page when you post comments on blogs
  • Taking complete advantage of your current following on other social networks by sharing your Google+ profile and/or web page with them
  • Inserting a link to your Google Plus profile and/or web page anywhere on the web including social media profiles, forum profiles, email signatures etc.
  • Adding a Google+ badge to your website

Placing a +1 button on your website and encouraging maximum number of +1s

Does your website have a +1 button? If no, then it’s time to have one on your site. This +1 button has a greater potential than the very popular Facebook Like button.

This is simply because the greater the number of +1s your page/blog post has, the more are its chances for showing up in Google search results. The best part of these +1s is that the pages/posts containing these +1s are displayed, irrespective of whether or not the searcher is logged in to his/her Google+ account.

Where should you install this +1 button?

Now that you’re well familiar with the benefits of this +1 button code from Google, you’d definitely like to have it for your website. Well, you can choose to install the latest +1 button code both, on your individual web pages as well as your main website home page.

Remember, even if you aren’t able to gather maximum +1s for your pages/posts, the +1 button will allow other people to share a link to your website via their Google Plus profile.

Building Content relevance while using Google Plus is important

Whether you’re a blogger or a content marketer, while using Google Plus, make sure to publish high quality content that is related to your business category.


Never opt for publishing content that looks promotional. Ensure every write-up posted on your Google Plus profile page is grammatically correct, accurate and beneficial for the readers. The requirement for top-notch content becomes even more important when you are sharing your stuff via different social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

With a greater population accessing your blogs/articles, you need to ensure that not even a single ambiguity tends to mess up all your hard work and efforts.

Yet another effective strategy that can be followed for building content relevance on Google Plus is being consistent in posting error-free content.

Readers are more likely to follow you if you’re able to deliver them a content that they can connect to on an instant basis. Highly relevant content can aid you in achieving higher rankings both, in Google search results as well as Google Plus Search results.

Dynamically Engaging content is need of the hour

No one wants to deliver a content that appears boring to the readers. If you want to make it big in the field of online brand promotion, it is better to post highly engaging content that is well in synchronization with the topic of your website.

Good quality content also gathers comments and these comments/conversations received on your Google Plus Page will allow you to grow your site’s search engine ranking.

Optimizing your Google Plus snippet is vital

To receive better results for your Google authorship, it’s mandatory to optimize your Google Plus snippet. Here’s a list of benefits you can avail from optimizing your Google Plus snippet:

  • An opportunity to build greater credibility over the web
  • An opportunity to capture the attention of targeted web users
  • An excellent opportunity of building your personal branding

Wrapping Up!

A well-managed Google Plus Page can work magic for your online presence. It will not only allow you to gather the attention of targeted audience but will even render you a brilliant online reputation, both personally as well as professionally. Google Webmaster recommends placing Google Plus button on a specific area within your content to make the content more accessible for the interested readers.

Have you already set up a Google Plus Page for your website? If yes, are you contented with the results? Please share your sayings in the comments box provided right under this blog post. I’ll look forward to receiving your insights and experiences on creating a Google Plus account.



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