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First 64-bit Mozilla Firefox Released For Windows

For now, only available in the Developer Edition, with improved performance and security.

Mozilla has been brewing for some time the arrival of Firefox with 64-bit architecture for Windows operating systems, and today has officially arrived. This version of the browser is imperative to run games and applications that take up more memory space and require more information exchange in real time. This version was available in the operating systems Linux and Mac OS for some time.

Firefox was only available in 32-bit version for Windows, a version that was limited to a heap size of 512MB, but that will reach 2GB on 64bit version. It is designed to address more than 4GB of RAM space and improve the performance of web applications. Video games based on Unreal Engine and Unity mainly will benefit most from this Mozilla Firefox edition.


Of course, this means that the JavaScript code execution will be enhanced by a greater number of hardware registers and instructions translated into an improved operating performance and safety, thanks to the expansion of space randomization. Testing conducted by Mozilla have concluded increase in the yield of 8% to 17 percent .

Although for now only be available in the Developer Edition, it will take few months to be available in the main version. By facing versions of Chrome and Internet Explorer with 64-bit architecture, Mozilla plans to carry your browser beyond web applications with video games thanks to its collaboration with Epic Games to mount a web version of Unreal Engine 4.

If you want to try the new 64-bit Firefox, go to the download page, but first be sure to uninstall the previous version of the browser without deleting the profile data, and then install it without problems.

Download | 64-bit Mozilla Firefox for Windows

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