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Advantages of Texting With a BlackBerry

We live in a time when text messaging is more common than just about any other form of communication available to us. It would not be a far stretch to say that more people would send a text message before they would pick up the same cell phone and call someone. This is our reality now, whether we like it or not. The advancements and improvements that have been made to cell phones in recent years definitely allow texting to be far easier.

Advantages of Texting With a BlackBerry

One cell phone that has truly reinvented the art of texting is the BlackBerry. This innovated cell phone did something so huge and exciting that it instantly became a hit among consumers. The BlackBerry incorporated the infamous QWERTY keyboard on its device, which allows users to send texts quickly and accurately.


The QWERTY keyboard is designed just as the keyboard that is found on any standard laptop or computer. This eliminates the old school way of texting where T9 was the only option, and you had to push each button on your phone two to three times to get the letter you desired. It was slow and it was frustrating, and honestly pretty lame. Thank goodness times have changed! With the keyboard function on the BlackBerry, no longer do you have to push each button multiple times, or go through a long list to find the punctuation mark you desire. Each letter has its own button, and with the ability to use both hands, it’s possible to type without even looking.

The BlackBerry makes texting and instant messaging fun. In this age where people can text faster than they can speak, it is so beneficial to be able to have a keyboard right at your fingertips. Unlike many other cell phones that may have only a keypad, the BlackBerry allows its users to accurately type their thoughts whether they be in the form of a text message, an email, a note or reminder, or a status update.

The keyboard feature of the BlackBerry helps to eliminate errors and simple mistakes that often happen during typing. Keypads are designed for failure, and touch screens are so sensitive that in the end, what appears on the screen is nothing like the original thought. So if you are looking for something that will launch your texting and instant messaging to the next level, the BlackBerry is by far the way to go.

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

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