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Your Android Device is a Mini Computer which needs VPN

You have purchased your shiny new android device and configured it according to your taste. Populating with various apps you love, an antivirus for security and moving all your pictures and important data in a micro sd card for easy accessibility.

android VPN

Did you ever thought that ,why you are able to do so much on an android device? It is because of the operating system called android. Yes, this is the reason we call them android powered device.Infact the operating system you are using on your devices is powerful enough to boot a computer, because the core is linux. So the device you hold in your hand is basically a linux powered mini computer.

You can access your private data through your phone

Remember you have moved your data into the phone.. There are so much more data which are personal and private sitting on your desktop, other networks and internet. You might need those data anywhere and since your android device is a mini computer, you can very well do that through your device, accessing your private and personal data over the network.

Accessing private data over public network is not safe

When you are on move, you keep switching between various networks, public and private. You android device is exposed to these networks. There are several hackers and botnets waiting for the moment when you start connecting to your network and access your private data. They could hack into your device, stealing your private data , credit card information , security keys and all other information.

You need an Android VPN

To protect your device you need a solution which is easy and affordable. VPN is just that solution. VPN or Virtual private network creates a tunnel between your device and the internet. Data passing through this tunnel is encrypted which cannot be hacked by hackers.Thus keeping the data exchange between your device and internet, absolutely safe.

If you do online banking, access email, share information on internet, credit card payment etc from your android device, you need a VPN. It is a great risk exposing your data to all these autobots and hackers ,especially on public networks. An android VPN will keep your connection absolutely secure with just a few clicks.

You need android VPN is the best VPn provider for android device. TorGuard maintains the fastest and most secure VPN servers worldwide. All android VPN members have access to 20+ static IP’s in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Romania, Russia and more! We don’t limit server switching so you can connect freely between various server locations around the world.

It provides following benefits:

  • Up To 5 simultaneous connection on all your devices
  • Affordable VPN service starting from $4.99/month
  • Unblock censorship anywhere in the world
  • Fully encrypted downloads and browsing
  • Fast connection with 100% uptime
  • Support of OpenVPN on Android
  • Automatic update newest TorGuard Servers


If your own an android device and connect with internet on public or unsecure network, you need an extra layer of security and VPN is what you exactly need. provides android VPN which is extremely effective, affordable and easy to use.

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

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