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Top New Features in Android Jelly Bean 4.3 For Developers

Android new updates Jelly Bean 4.3 was rolling out  and there are bunch of new features are now available for user as well apps developers also, and those changes and features make android more smoother, easier and sweeter for user and development experience.


Let’s now, we discuss about new features for developers those are available in Android new updates to make your app development experience more  reliable and easier.

As an Application developers and use all the new features in android jelly bean 4.3, from SDK manager you need to download the android 4.3 System image, you are not able to test your or running android 4.3 apps then you can use android 4.3 System image to test your applications on the Android Emulator.

Support Graphics for OpenGL ES 3.0

Android Jelly Bean 4.3 now support OpenGL Es 3.0 and game developers take benefits of it, while using OpenGL ES 3.0 you should declare it in your manifest file with <uses-feature> tag and android:glEsVersion attribute. And note that while you define OpenGL Es  reference by calling setEGLContextClientVersion(), for that you pass 3 as the Version.

New Animation Features

New updates allows you to animate features between two Rect Values with the RectEvaluator. The class RectEvaluator is implement of TypeEvaluator and you can pass to ValueAnimator.setEvaluator().

The rotationAnimation in WindowManager allows developers to select one out of three animations you want to use while the system witches screen orientations, the following are 3 animations




All these animations are available only if you have to set your activity to use fullscreen mode.

New Notification Access

One more new service class added to android 4.3 that allows your application to receive information about new notification called NoficationListenerService.

New contactables

The new query for contact provider provides an useful ways to get one Cursor that includes all email addresses and your phone numbers related to all contacts that matching the specified query called Contactables.CONTENT_URI.

Profile Management

Android Jelly Bean 4.3 provides one of the strong new features called restricted profiles. For allowing access to owners accounts from a restricted profile you must add the android:restrictedAccountType property to the <application> tag.

If your are allows to use account but you dont want to provides some of your apps and functionality then you can check for account availability and disable features when account is not available.

If existing account available and you want to disable features when account is not available at that time you should check for account availability and if not then create a new account by calling getUserRestrictions() and check DISALLOW_MODIFY_ACCOUNTS in the result. If it is true then you disable functionality of your application requires access to accounts.

Wireless Connectivity Features

Jelly Bean 4.3 provides Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) with new API in android.bluetooth. Using this you can build android applications that communicate with Low Energy bluetooth devices like  heart rate monitors, pedometers etc.  for that you should declare in your manifest file <uses-feature> element for “android.hardware.bluetooth_le”.

Android 4.3 provides features to get user’s location while wi-fi is currently OFF,  you can use this features by calling startActivity() with the ACTION_REQUEST_SCAN_ALWAYS_AVAILABLE action. For configuration of wi-fi the new WifiEnterpriseConfig API allow you to enterprise-oriented services to automatic wi-fi configuration for managed devices.

Quick Incoming Calls Response

While users wants to quick response to incoming call at that time the phone application send the ACTION_RESPOND_VIA_MESSAGE and the EXTRA_TEXT to allow user to send extra text message, to receive this purpose you should declare the SEND_RESPOND_VIA_MESSAGE permit.

Google also says that there are also lots of new APIs and updates are coming, so developers can get benefits of the new platform features. And now you can get started to developing and testing your applications on Android 4.3.

Vishal Gaikar

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