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Angry Birds Coming to Facebook This Valentines Day

Everybody in this world loves Facebook(Though there are some exceptional cases), the same social network has prepared a “gift” to its users: the very popular Android game Angry Birds. It had taken time to join the Facebook and other herbs grown on site. But finally this game is coming to Facebook this valentine.  You can Access it at

The Angry birds game will have some variations from the mobile versions, as Rovio forward. It is unclear whether the game will stay forever in the network, or be a one day event. However, the company is calling on everyone to try on 14 February, which could mean that the game will only appear for special days, for example Valentine Day.

In other business, the CEO of Rovio, Mikael Hed, talked today about piracy in a press conference in Cannes, saying it “may not be a bad thing: it can get us more business for the day.”

“We had some problems with piracy, not just applications, but especially in consumer products. There are tons and tons of merchandise  out there, especially in Asia, where they are not officially licensed products” He said.

Hed explained that Rovio try to take legal action only against those who are selling illegal products that can be harmful for the brand, or harms Angry Birds fans, not like other industries today. He added “We could learn much from the music industry and how terrible they have tried to combat piracy,” he said. “If we lose our fans, our business is over, but if we increase our business grow.”

Play Now | Angry Birds on Facebook

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