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Angry Birds Space Arrives Soon, Get Ready to Fling Birds Out of This World

Angry Birds is here on virtually all platforms and now wants to go further into Angry Birds Space. Is expected to travel off-planet takes place in March, when Rovio interplanetary launch a new version of the game Angry Birds Space.

Angry birds space would be the fourth major update of Angry Birds, and incorporate some new variables: the players will catapult the colorful Angry Birds Space¬†out of the new planets to Earth, dealing with the lack of gravity, puzzles and super slow motion speed. “We think fans will love it because so far we have received incredible feedback on the physics of our games,” said Andrew Stalbow Rovio to Yahoo Games.

Stalbow not joking when it comes to physics: NASA and National Geographic will Rovio partners for the launch of this title. The game will also include new birds, plus we have been using so far, with new super powers.

Angry Birds has been downloaded over 700 million times on multiple platforms since its launch in 2009.

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