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[How to] Appear Offline To One or More Friends on Facebook Chat

Sometimes, many of people set their status as offline in Facebook chat because they don’t want to be disturbed or whatever the reasons. But what if you wants to be appear offline  on Facebook chat for only some of your Facebook friends? Well, here I am with the solution!

After so many critics about privacy and how to manipulate our visibility in Facebook chat, Facebook has integrated a variety of ways to customize to our liking certain parameters of the network. In addition to privacy itself within its section, we can also hide or show as offline while yes we are in Facebook Chat.

How to appear offline only for people on Facebook Chat

  • Open Facebook Chat
  • Select the contact
  • Select appear “offline for”

How to appear offline for several people on Facebook Chat

It is a slightly longer process, but effective and useful.

  • In “Home”, in section we have left at the end click on “More” then on “Lists” and click on “+ Create List”.

  • Each list can include multiple people and they divide into groups, we can create as much as we want.
  • Now From “advanced settings” in chat bar we can pass lists created on the Facebook chat and begin to choose for whom we’ll be as offline and who is not.

So, now I think you will enjoy your Facebook chat with more freedom or whatever the other reasons.

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