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The Best Apps For Event Planning

Event planning is a complex, logistical process. It involves bringing a number of people (anywhere between 20 to 2,000) from all over the world, together in one place on certain dates. Each delegate has individual travel, accommodation and event requirements. The venue needs to be sourced and all these details need to be communicated to each attendee.

event planning

The person responsible for overseeing this difficult process is the event planner. Thankfully, the evolution of technology means that there are now several applications, which assist with these tasks.

The most important objectives of an event planner, is to deliver a well-organised and professional event. Using an iOS or android device coupled with the best event planning applications available, gives you all the tools to achieve this successfully, by automating and streamlining the organisation and project management aspects of the role. Let’s take a look at the best app available to achieve this.

Super Planner

Super Planner deserves its place at the top of the list. It is the most comprehensive app, offering a number of services to event planners. It helps you with a number of tasks including calculators for venue capacity, personnel management, food and beverage, and audio-visuals.

This is a great tool because it draws on a wealth of event planning experience and automates some of the more complex processes such as calculating event capacity for a number of different seating arrangements (theatre, classroom etc.). It also automates the process of calculating how many service staff will be required and how much food and drink is required etc.


One of the most complex tasks an event planner faces is the process of delegate invites and management. It could be that several hundred delegates are invited to an event and it is the role of the event planner to know each individual status i.e. invited, declined, accepted, or to be confirmed. Anyvite is a wonderful app, which manages this process for you.

Anyvite has many additional functions. It enables you to create a suitable invitation, offering you a variety of invitation designs to choose from. From there you can manipulate the invitation requirements such as invitees, their call to action i.e. must rsvp, and information about the event.

The event planner can use this app at any time to run a report on various criteria i.e. status of all invitees, send invitees additional information, and the results can even be exported into an excel or CSV file. This process is far more practical and accurate than the more traditional method of updating an excel spreadsheet when rsvp’s are manually returned.


One of the main tasks for an event planner is to source an appropriate venue for the event. It must accommodate the number of delegates provide the necessary accommodation (if required), number of meeting rooms and additional facilities such as food and drink and parking. The Venues app is free and is designed to facilitate this process.

As well as sourcing a venue based on your requirements, Venues also helps you to get the best rates for your event. Therefore this app saves you time and money.


Dropbox is already a popular app for many businesses. It is great for event planners because it is an information storage tool, which offers a central, safe place to store all documents relating to the event (in the Cloud). These documents can then be accessed anytime, anywhere, even at the event itself if required.

Information an event planner might store include photos of delegates, a downloaded list of attendees or pdf copies of event marketing materials, in case more need required to be printed on the day.


The iSurvey app is brilliant for event planners. Often they need to conduct a survey after the event to gauge delegate feedback regarding what was good, what could be done better next time etc. Sometimes the survey is something else entirely, related specifically to the content of the presentation. However iSurvey is great because it eliminates the need for a clipboard and paper and enables you to conduct face-to-face interviews, offline, and the results are securely uploaded for analysis.

The benefits of this app is that response rate will be higher as participants will enjoy the innovative data collection method, plus it automates the process of uploading the data, therefore this process is more efficient. You can then access and download the data for analysis.

These are the best event planning apps for iOS or android devices, available on the market. Using one or a combination of these applications manages most of the complex elements of an event in a more efficient manner.

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

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