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The Benefits of Mobile Point of Sale Systems

A point of sale is the checkout process. This transaction involves the payment for orders and the printing of receipts. With the advent of mobile devices such as iPads, iPods, iPhones, tablets, and other devices, there is now mobile point of sale technology. With its flexible functionality, mobile POS offers several benefits to businesses.


1. Increased Efficiency

Mobile technology has made POS more efficient for all types of businesses. Cashiers no longer have to remain at stationary POS system to process customers’ purchases. Transactions also take less time and there are fewer human errors so accuracy increases. Mobile point of sale improves business performance and customer service.

2. More Floor Space

Cash registers take up a lot of space in a store. Using a mobile point of sale system requires fewer traditional registers. The handheld mobile devices are also a lot smaller than the stationery registers, but can complete the same transactions as well as other functions. With more floor space available, a retail store can offer more merchandise for sale.

3. Fewer Employees

For many businesses, cashiers are needed at the checkout station. With mobile point of sale technology in use, a retailer needs fewer employees at the checkout and customer service counters. Instead, a business can utilize floating employees that move throughout the store, helping customers make buying decisions and then completing the transaction anywhere in the store.

4. Shorter Lines

One challenge many stores face is long waiting lines. With mobile POS technology, customers enjoy shorter lines at checkout time. In fact, store employees can also go directly to a customer to complete an order and payment. This makes transactions a lot faster for customers.

This reduces the annoyance customers often feel while waiting in line. It also eliminates a customer getting out of line and leaving the store in frustration. At restaurants, the wait staff can use mobile POS to take menu orders that go straight to the kitchen, saving time.

5. Lower Costs

The traditional equipment for POS is often large and expensive stationary terminals. The mobile point of sale technology provides wireless equipment that is smaller and easier to handle. This new technology helps the business to save money on stationery equipment.

6. Paper-Free Receipts

As more people become environmentally conscious, they are choosing paper-less bills. The same idea now extends to paper-less receipts. By completing a transaction with a mobile POS, the business can send a digital receipt to an email address.

This strategy makes it easier for a business to capture the email addresses of customers. Once a business has these email addresses, it can establish and nurture relationships with customers to increase sales in the future.

There are many types of mobile POS systems available. offers a software solution for Apple iOS devices.

Mobile point of sale is a tool that improves the checkout process for the sale of products and services. This mobile technology offers many benefits for both the consumer and the business. Customers have a more rewarding shopping experience and businesses can perform various functions at a higher level.

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

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