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Take Your Business in a New Direction with SMS & mobile marketing

TXT180 is an application provider for the group text marketing and text message marketing, presenting a proven way to interface through SMS messaging. It is effective, easy-to-use and low cost efficient. TXT180 will offer almost cheap packages for the SMS Marketing and Text Message Marketing.

This will present the all solutions for the all types of businesses for the packaging as well as informing the main notifications for the company or a business. They offer to small and large businesses to help them effectively such as alert customers, market products and informing clients.

Text Message Marketing

TXT180 is mainly organized to give the customers’ best rates for the text message marketing system. They were beating their own competition by additional messages for monthly messages for only $52 per month, which compares the industry rates with only 2-4 cents for each message and its 100% spam free and safer.

They also give the tips and solutions by emails or by phone which is called as “Marketing Minds” for individual partner. They assist you to increase revenue, lift your workload and save time as well as money.

Most of the customers are attracted to use TXT180 because of their surprising offers for the text message marketing system which done through monthly basis. TXT180 offers the SMS packages with more number of packages and offers.

TXT180 offers the customers in the first month for only $1 with 500 messages and the ultimate package is the best offer gave by TXT180. 100 text messages, including unlimited subscribers, 1000 outbound messages, unlimited inbound messages and easy to use control panel.

TXT180 also provides keywords and messages to the customers with exciting offers such as additional keywords for $2 per month, additional messages for only 2 cents for each message, purchased message bundles and import contact tools.

TXT180 also give rewards to the customers with some easier and less time consuming things, so that you can get interesting rewards like coupons, default messages, warning, alerts, appointment reminders, event reminders, deadlines and many more.

TXT180 is also given wonderful control panel for easy handle to the customers and the functionality of the TXT180 is the main aspect to give the reviews into this. Comparing to the returns of the other promoting techniques, Text Message Marketing gets 60% more returns than the others.

Let me give an average of the monthly returns of the various promotions, text message marketing gets 310 returns, newspaper coupons gets 50 returns, direct mails gets 40 returns and emails gets 30 returns, with this shocking result, the customer gets an easy and good review in text message marketing, and in that TXT180 gives low cost text messages compared to other industries.

The partners of the TXT180 are also a key aspect for the success. Partnering with the top companies to get the work done is a good point in the term of business. Sprint, US cellular, Verizon Wireless, Boost, T-Mobile and Virgin Mobiles gives the wonderful service to the TXT180 in the Text Message Marketing System.

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

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