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The Benefits of Business Office Automation

In this technological era, businesses and organizations are striving to employ the best technology to improve their overall performance. The advent of technology such as computers and laptops has made work easier and led to more efficient operations.

It has reduced human labor and aided in achievement of faster and reliable results. Moreover, it reduces time wasted in manual operations. Furthermore, it is energy-saving and it also maximizes on productivity as the cost of production goes down. This article elaborates on the benefits of business office automation. This implies the application of modern machines and equipment such as 12v actuators, in a bid to boost management of internal and external information and also improve organizational performance.

Office automation facilitates information flow within and outside an organization. A good example is in teleconferencing, which enables people to communicate over electronic platforms without physical movement. It can be audio (over the telephone) or video (over the computer). Below is a visual type of teleconference:


Composing and relaying messages is made easier by office automation. Electronic platforms such as E-mails facilitate fast and instant sending and receiving of messages to recipients in different regions in the world as illustrated below:

Internet instant messaging framework

Less human input, higher productivity and a low operation cost form the nerve of office automation. Modern machines save man the hustle of working on projects such as reports and customer data generation. Applications found in computers such as Microsoft office excel contains tabulated spreadsheets which make it easier to input statistical data. This minimizes paper work as data is stored in a compiled form and can be retrieved for future use. The result is reliable source of information whenever one requires it. Moreover, it ensures that the office is in good order as shown below:

Office automation reduces the task force as a few personnel can perform the tasks of many employees. For example, in an organization that deals with transportation matters, a single member of stuff can comfortably handle the task of lining up products for shipping using a one machine. The organization enjoys a minimal cost of production as it spends less more hiring less labor to multitask.

Linear actuators facilitate flexibility of office desks. The actuators, which are normally attached to office desks, enable office personnel easily and quickly adjust their desks thus enhancing multitasking. The electric-powered equipment offers the office workers the pleasure of sitting at a comfortable height. Below is a diagram of a linear actuator:

linear actuator


Office automation is a crucial element in any organization. The article has summarized some of the merits of employing automated machinery in an organization. Such include: efficient communication, internally and externally, smooth information flow to and from respective parties and improved overall performance of the organization. Furthermore, the organization reaps the benefits of low operation cost owing to the reduced task force.

In addition, availability of linear actuators in office seats increases flexibility of the seats, besides making it easier for office workers to comfortably handle tasks around them.

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

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