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Best Clean Search Engines For Your Family

It can be difficult to monitor the Internet use of your child. There is so much inappropriate content on the web, and it’s hard to shield them from it. But using the Internet is often unavoidable, especially when they need to research for school projects. The Internet is also a great way for them to learn more about things that interest them.

You don’t want to ban your children from going online; you just want to protect them from accidentally coming across inappropriate content. There are lots of great search engines out there that will automatically filter that unsafe content and provide you with some peace of mind. Here are some of the best clean search engines for your kid.


Ask Kids is the clean version of Ask Jeeves. It is very simple for kids to use, with one search bar that will instantly turn up appropriate results for their search queries. It also tries to answer specific search questions as accurately as possible. Since kids love movies and games, there are two tabs on the homepage for each of these topics specifically.

There is also an “answers” tab that will help to satisfy your child’s curiosities. If they have a particular question or just want to browse, they can delve into topics such as nature, old stuff, life on earth, how stuff works, and the brain.


KidRex is a simple search engine that is powered using Google Custom Search and Google SafeSearch, as well as KidRex’s own database. Only appropriate search results are returned, and kids will love the dinosaur on the homepage.

There is even a page of adorable KidRex-inspired dinosaur drawings done by kids of all ages, and your child can submit their own. For $2 per month, you can subscribe to KidRex pro which fill filter to content of your child’s entire web browsing experience.


Boolify is a fun search engine to help your kids learn Boolean searching. It is designed like a puzzle, and your kids will drag each puzzle piece onto the search screen one at a time. First pull the piece for “word” and type it in, then drag the piece for “and,” “not,” “or,” or “URL,” followed by another “word.”

They can create a puzzle chain for their search as long as necessary, and it will not only give them clean results, but help them learn and practice effective searching techniques. They can even save important searches for later.


Mymunka has the lovable face of a monkey as its logo, and your kids will also love the powerful search engine capabilities. It blocks at least 99 percent of inappropriate content. Even better, it contains hundreds of sets of virtual flashcards that will help your child practice and learn almost any subject, from history to the alphabet to Latin.

This search engine is a great resource for learning, and it also allows you to create your own flashcards for your studying needs.


The Safe Search for Kids at SquirrelNet is powered by Google, and it returns appropriate, clean content for your child’s search terms. It also uses the Open Directory Project to let your child browse many different topics and subjects with only clean suggestions.

They can search computers, sports and hobbies, teen life, and more, to find unique, relevant and safe content for their interests.

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

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