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Defragment Specific Files Using FragExt

Defragment the hard drive is a maintenance operation that increases the speed of access to files. FragExt is the free utility which works differently from other defragmenting softwares. Using FragExt you can defragment specific files rather than an entire volume. This software is designed to help you manage file fragmentation on FAT, FAT32 and NTFS volumes. It easily integrate with windows and allows you to see the number of bits of any file with a new property tab called Fragments. FragExt also offers a useful column to Explorer’s Details view.

They provide you the file property extension for displaying detailed information about a file’s, folder’s and NTFS data stream’s fragmentation information.

Features ::

  • Windows Explorer column and info-tip extensions for displaying file fragments, extents, clusters, disk space usage and alternate data streams.
  • Integration extensions for simplifying the use of the FragExt defragmenter, allowing you to select and defragment files directly from within Windows Explorer.
  • Simple reporting features allowing you to save the information FragExt gathers.
  • A scriptable defragmentation engine, allowing you to create your own custom utilities.

Screenshots ::

Explorer Context-Menu

FragExt is quick, effective. It is a very useful enhancement to Windows Explorer, while an excellent defragmenter selective.

Download FragExt

Vishal Gaikar

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