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Dropbox is Redesigned With New Photo Viewer and Better File Management

Dropbox just released a major redesign of the interface that manages the various operations, simplify file management, as well as introducing a new image and video viewer.

Most notable is the new action bar at the top that lets you organize your files by name, size, date and type. Clicking on a file, the bar offers new options, such as download, delete, rename, move or copy it from that place (also still available through right click). Quite similar to Windows Explorer.

Similarly, Dropbox now has a drag and drop mechanism (leaving behind the selection boxes vintage), a multiple selection of files much easier and keyboard shortcuts. In addition, searches now yield results while you type.

Although in recent weeks had already been seeing some minor changes, as Dropbox this redesign is only the first stage of a complete upgrade of the service “over the coming months” will have new features. The display of pictures and videos to view content in full screen and also have thumbnails, making it easy to preview.

Menu and Multi Select

Full Image View

It looks pretty good. How about you?

A fresh new Dropbox on the web (The Dropbox Blog)

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