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The Earth is Getting Thinner Every Year About 50,000 Tons

I know several people who would love to follow the same diet or have a metabolism as efficient as the planet we inhabit. Because according to calculations of Dr. Chris Smith and physicist at the University of Cambridge, Dave Ansel, which were replicated in the program More or Less on BBC Radio 4 , for much of our Earth absorbs 40,000 tons of cosmic dust per year, is not nowhere near what it loses in its mass.

If we break down, these 40,000 tons of space dust that fall the surface of our planet attracted by gravity, also adds an increase of 160 tons of material. This is due to increased temperature in the planet, because by adding energy to the system, the mass is also increased.

earth thinner

Meanwhile, the core of the Earth is losing more and more energy and therefore loses mass. Annually this is a rate of 16 tons, so it still is a detail alongside the 95,000 tons of hydrogen and 1,600 tons of helium every year flee into space so they are light particles.

Thus, the balance is around 50,000 tonnes annually thinner than Earth. An enormous amount of weight, but that only amounts to something like the 0.000000000000001% of the planet, so it’s not something that should panic.

Estimates are that billions of years before they came to an end. Unlike the case of helium, which itself is becoming more scarce, represents 0.00052% of the volume of our atmosphere and it is more essential.

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

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