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EaseUS Partition Master : The Best Hard Drive Free Partition Manager

Partition management, even today is considered by a majority of population to be a task that can only be performed by technical experts, but with the development of various partition management tools, this job is no more limited to just the high-tech experts.



With partition manager tools, the task of creating and maintaining partitions on a system has become a child’s play. Whether the computer’s hard disk is fully assigned or not, new unallocated space can always be partitioned, either by minimizing the size of or deleting an existing partition, or by creating a new one.

EaseUS Partition Master – Review

There are vast number of Partition manager tools, some offer free service with limited features, others have premium features. Whether free, or priced with added features, it is always a wiser decision to use Partition manager tools for the purpose of allocating disk space, because they are easy to use, and also save time and money that is spent upon using help from technicians.

Some of the elite partition manager tools are: Paragon Hard Disk Manager, EaseUs Partition Master, Avanguest Partition Commander. EaseUS Partition Master has been considered one of the best Free Partition Manager tool available.

 Partition manager software

With EaseUS Partition Master tool, the following functions can be performed:

  1. One can build, erase, format, part, resize, move partitions and alter their characteristics.
  2. The most vital target of a partition management wizard is that it facilitates for the separation of operating system files from user files. This partition of user files from OS files is a savior, because it saves the user files in a separate partition in such a way that even if the OS files have to be re-installed, the user files are not affected. It is always optimal that the user makes separate partitions for each device.
  3. Having a third-party partition manager is preferred to by most users, rather than using the built in management utility. It is also ideal to use the standalone partition manager tools because they come with more features than the default tool and are also convenient to use.

There are many partition manager tools that are available free of cost, but the EaseUS Partition Master isn’t very costly either, and provides excellent additional features. The price of the paid version of the product ranges from  $39.95 to $399.00.

There are three types of partition management tools, they are Home and home office, Business and Service Provider. The Home and Home Office Partition Manager Tool provides partition manager results and disk management utility to its users, favoring the user especially if he/she is a windows 8 user.


The Business partition manager tools are uniquely meant for use of enterprises, offering royalty to one company with unlimited usage, while the service provider is a toolkit for the technicians and professionals that act as computer administrators.

In the recent years, the question if it is possible to utilize extra scope for partition of data and to include it at the deadline of the system partition while causing no damage to the data partition and system? This requirement is observed mostly among server users. With server users, this demand has become a global affair. However, basic in-built disk managers, like mentioned before have their limitations.

Nevertheless, server partitions can be altered with trusted server partition magic software that makes it possible to do skilled and detailed partition management on your server without causing harm to the priceless data of the user. Data is un-affected in the process of stretching, compressing, blending, and transferring server partitions in a Windows Operating System.

A large number of users who have tested the partition management tools found it to be easy to use and functioning at a quick speed. Among many recommendations, the preferred suggestions are that of EaseUS partition master and MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition 7.0.

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

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