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EaseUS Todo Backup – The Best Data backup & Recovery Solution

Now-a-days there is a humongous amount of data that we have to deal with on day-to-day basis. A lot of which is very critical and important for us to secure for future use.

There are several locations where our data might be scattered, for example; photos and videos on your camera, important data on your mobile phone, hard drives of your computer, memory sticks and a lot more. All these data resources are quite vulnerable to many threats and accidental data loss.


In such a situation you need to have Data Backup software that can provide you an easy access to all your data. One such tool is EaseUS Todo Backup Home. It is an easy to use, powerful backup tool that ensures that all the backup needs of the users are fulfilled. The installation of data backup software is very easy and once done, you can easily backup and restore data from a corrupt hard drive or any other source.

Let us have a look at the some of the features of data backup software.

Features of Data Backup Software

It is one of the best software for the data backup that is available today at a very effective price. EaseUS offers a whole bunch of such powerful tools for easy data management at any level. This particular software is best for the regular home users who don’t require high security encryption needs and deal with a smaller amount of data.

It not just enables you to backup the data of your entire PC, the users can also recover it, whenever required. Here are few keynotes on the effectiveness of this tool.


Powerful Data Backup Options

It is a free data backup software offering you several backup options. You can use the System Backup for a full system protection. This allows you to recover your complete OS too. The users can also try Block-level disk imaging to backup the entire disk.

File-level backup allows you to create backups of specific files, documents or even network shared files or folders. Those who use Outlook can easily use this software to keep a separate backup of their mails.

The unique feature of Incremental and Differential backup will help you in saving time and storage space as it backups only the data changed from the last time. You can even schedule these backups very easily and their setup can be done in several ways making it a really easy for you to manage your data.

All these features are surely going to help you in keeping a safe backup of your data in one place and making the recovery really easy and save you from the frustration in case any data loss occurs.

Easy Recovery Options

Often some software makes it really tough for you to recover the data in time, being slow and non responsive in case of system crash. The EaseUS Todo Backup for Home will offer you with a quick recovery of your entire system backup within minutes.

It allows you to be selective as well and allows you to recover just what you need to recover in case of emergency. You can restore the specific drive, folder or even files that are required, thereby saving you a lot of time. If your system fails to boot, then simply select EaseUS Todo Backup from your boot menu to run a pre-OS and then recover your system.

Safe and Easy to use

Even though it is a free data backup software tool, it is an easy to use and 100% safe tool with minimum time required to backup or restore your data. It is really user friendly and can be used by anyone.

It is really safe and secure tool for your PC and does not harm your computer performance in any way. It doesn’t hinder with any other software on your system as well, making it a perfect data backup tool.

Final Words

It is a really essential tool, if you want to keep your data protected and accessible in case of a crash or data loss situations that are really bad ordeal for anyone. So go ahead and download it for your system as well.

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

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