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Have the Entertainment with Latest PC Games

Nowadays people prefer to spend their free time with some exhilarating PC games. Multiplayer pc games provide entertainment and thrill with great excitement. We spend a lot of time sitting in front of PCs doing official work. However we can also get great fun on the same computer with exhilarating games.


Multiplayer pc games are gaining a lot of popularity these days. There has been a great change in terms of technology and complexity of these games. People love to take on the challenges and win over their opponents in these games. These Multiplayer pc games are developed with up-to-the-minute technology that offers a great experience to gamers.

These latest PC games have set the gaming world ablaze:


Singularity is one of our top latest pc games and is a science fiction game. The game mostly focuses on the workings of time manipulation device, it’s a method with the help of which you can shift objects through time, you can go to the future or past and you can use it as a potent multifunctional weapon as well. The game takes place on a mystifying island where diverse scientific experiments are occurring.

Command & Conquer

This is a strategy type game and is the latest of the PC games from renowned Command & Conquer franchise. In main game mode, the player has to capture control nodes spread across a map, and hold on to more nodes than the opponent player, gaining sufficient points over time to triumph in the match.

Fifa 2010

Fifa 10 in the imminent release of multiplayer pc games on football. Each local edition of fifa will show different football players on the cover; there are thirty leagues and over five hundred teams in fifa 10, along with 41 national teams. The New FIFA 10 is Russian Premier League, and this has so far only been formally confirmed for the PC edition.

Call of Duty

Call of Duty (Black Ops) is one popular First Person shooting game put together by Treyarch and made available by Activision. The player acts the character of a foot soldier that can use a variety of weapons.

Dark Void

This Sci-fi action exploration game about a cargo pilot named William Augustus Grey who crashes in the mystical Bermuda triangle from there he is teleported to another parallel universe where he meets other human survivors. William and the other survivors have to battle with an extraterrestrial race know as watcher to get back to Earth.

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

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