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Facebook Launches App Center For Android, iPhone

Yes, the big news coming for today is Facebook launches App center. Now, We use many applications regularly, and many of them asks us to allow to connect our Facebook accounts, whether to identify, to share our activities or even to collect data from our profiles for use in office, among others. To further enhance the ecosystem of applications that connect to the Open Graph of Facebook, and even to give more visibility and momentum for some applications, Facebook launches app center, its own Application Center.

The Application Center will be accessible via web and mobile applications for Facebook, both Android and iOS, Initially  for the U.S. only and later to the rest of the world. In the application center you can find games and applications that can be used within Facebook, mobile applications like Foursquare, Path or Draw Something, social and Pinterest web applications or desktop applications like Spotify. For now it has over 600 outstanding applications across a range of genres.

Each application shall include a description and screenshots. You can preview them before installation. Any application that we find through the website can send to the mobile device by using the “send to mobile” option. Each application you select in the mobile version, Facebook will send to their respective online store to which they belong, either Play or Google App Store.

Developers who wish, can also offer paid applications through the Facebook platform, which will help to drive sales. The company provided developers the ability to include the details of their applications in its early pages, and those who submitted their proposals by May 18 will have higher priority in its review.

Link | Facebook Launches App Center

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