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Facebook Relaunches “Facebook Messenger” to Chat on Facebook

In a quite curious move, Facebook relaunched its Facebook Messenger chat client again, although the system has been available since December. The social network says it was “a test” and that now is the final-final official release of this IM client “Facebook Messenger”. The software has not changed much over the past two months, keeping the same style, very similar to the chat system that is integrated into the Facebook website.

The company announced that is developing a Mac version also, to be released “soon” without giving details. Some things that catch the eye of the platform is that it has video chat or group chat, something that Facebook does include in the web version, which is hardly a serious alternative to chat about the competition.

However, this is a step to keep people more time using Facebook credentials, and perhaps more often turning to the social network to talk with friends who have entered in it.

Link | Facebook Messenger

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