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Facebook begins Rolling Out New Privacy Settings In India

With the new privacy settings rolled out by Facebook  one of the big complaints against Facebook to define who sees what in our profile is being eliminated a lot.

Previously, With a huge variety of options, many people – both veterans and beginners – could be weighed against many privacy options. On one side is good, as it gives us granular control to specify exactly who sees what, but it’s something that most users ignore, which is why many of the profiles completely open end.

Now, however, things have changed with the rollout of new privacy settings by Facebook.

New Privacy settings

 When you come back to Facebook, in the right hand options, you will find a new icon (a padlock with a list) for new privacy settings, which will allow us to easily make quick changes to how we post things appear by default. We want everything we post is public, meaning that anyone can see it? Or prefer to do so only friends? Or perhaps we choose the option that even friends of friends can see it?

While this can be defined at the level of publication (i.e. separate photo albums for a certain group of people, while other photos are available for all) with these initial options can quickly define the default behaviour  or that normally happen. All you have to do is change that public option (as in the picture) to one of the other options presented:

New facebook Privacy settings

Everything is logically separated. Now we have the categories: “Who can see my stuff?”, “Who can contact me?” And “How do I stop bothering someone follow me?”

Under “Who can contact me?” Find the message filtering option (strict / basic). Besides who can send friend requests.

New Privacy settings

Finally, the last point will allow us to charge someone who is bothering us. Simply add the name of the person or email, and Facebook will block that person, so you can not see our profile, and send messages, or anything else.

Definitely a positive move by Facebook, as it simplifies what is privacy. The new privacy settings, perhaps, one of the largest service complexities, and something that many users completely ignored is finally arrived in a easy way.

Pankaj Gaikar
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