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FX Photo Editor: Photo Editor For Android

FX Photo Editor is for the photo/image editing lovers, For those who use desktops and laptops, there are many ways to edit photos such as using Photoshop, which is the most popular software or using some free online services such as Pixlr, which is one of my favorites.

But now that we spent much more time with the smart phone for all, good to have a photo editing app in our smartphone, hand a way to edit photos, which is one of those activities that we practice with this type of device that has everything in one place.

FX Photo Editor is an application for Android that has a free version and a paid, which allows in a very clean interface, elegant and easy to use, edit pictures taken at the time or who have previously stored. Its features are:

  • It has 110 pre-set styles for every taste, easy to apply, with some popular HDR, Vintage or black and white.
  • You can create your own styles combining several of those available.
  • Control the opacity of each style to put more or less effect.
  • Each style can be placed on a favorites list or a history to not lose your life anymore.
  • One option called Time Matrix that allows you to change the style of a picture depending on weather.
  • Textures, Borders and vignettes to add.
  • Many resolutions depending on the device and the photo you’ve taken.

Apart from this FX Photo Editor contains some other common options like cutting an image, rotate or enhance saturation and contrast. And the only difference comes in that is free with paid advertising brings is that the other does not, the features remain the same.

Download FX Photo Editor | Google Play(Android)

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