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Google Alarm – Get notified When Google Is Monitoring Your Web Browsing

The Google Alarm is the Firefox add-on which will notify and show an alert every time your personal information is sent to Google servers. If you are really curious about when Google collect your personal data when you are surfing then you can easily monitor the activity using this new Firefox browser extension called ‘Google Alarm’.

As per official site ::

The Google Alarm Firefox addon visually & audibly alerts you when your personal information is being sent to Google servers. Even outside Gmail and YouTube you are constantly sending information to Google through their vast network of tracking bugs: Google Analytics, Google AdSense, YouTube embeds, API calls and so on, all of this data be used to monitor & track your personal web browsing habits.

Whenever Google collects  your personal data, this firefox addon Google Alarm will notify you with an audio sound or pop-up notification or both if desired.

Watch the Demo

Give it a try and let us know what you think about this firefox and chrome extension.

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar is a professional blogger from Pune, India. He is Software Engineer, Web Addicted. At Shake the Tech, he writes on Technology, Gadgets & so on. Follow me @vishal
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