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Your Guide to Friend Tagging on Facebook

Do you like Facebook? Of course you do…everyone seems to have and use pone regularly these days. While you probably know how to generally tag people on the social networking site, you might not know all of the ideas that allow you to do it in fun ways. While is this handy little guide will seek to show you tagging on Facebook.

Tagging Tip #1 – Status Tagging on Facebook

If you went out with a friend and had a great time you wanted to tell people about, or maybe you want to make a joke involving one of your friends, you can easily tag them within your status. Just write the status update and begin typing in their name. A drop down menu of possible friends will come up, and when you click on the name it will create an active link to their profile in the status itself. You can keep the whole thing, or erase the first or last name while keeping the link intact.

This can also be done in comments on yours or other people’s threads. When either is done, the person you tagged will get a notification about it and be able to see what you wrote. It will also come up on their wall for others to view.

Tagging Tip #2 – Tag To Share Photos

When you upload a picture containing a friend, you can easily tell others who they are or give the friend access to show it on their own profile. Just upload the photo and click the Tag Friends button under the image. This will let you select the portion of the picture you wish tagged, such as their face, and then you can type in their name. Once you put in a few letters the drop down menu will give you potential selections, which you can click.

This will do two things. First, it will allow people to scroll over the image and see the tagged names. Second, it will provide a tag in the description with an active link to their profile. If they choose, the friend can remove the tag or refuse to have it shown on their profile.

Tagging Tip #3 – Tag Someone In A Note

Notes can be handy, because sometimes there is just too much to say to keep it within the confines of a status update. But if you want specific people to read it you can tag them just before publishing, and a notification will be sent out to them so they can slick the link and be sent to the note itself. Then they can read and comment as they see fit.

Tagging Tip #4 – Tag Someone In A Joke Photo

Whether it is an image meme or just something you found interesting and amusing, you can tag someone in a photo that they are not in just as easily as those they are. Just go through the same process as you would with regular photo tagging.


Tagging on Facebook is just fun. You get to really get the attention of who you are speaking to, share with your friends and even have a laugh. The possibilities are pretty wide, so get on your profile and enjoy yourself!

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

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