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Guidelines for Using Pinterest for Business

Pinterest is a social media site which allows users to share images which are related to their hobbies, interests and events. Users can follow other Pinterest users, as well as ‘like’, ‘re-pin’ or comment on images.


More and more business owners are now using Pinterest as part of their marketing strategy. The following are some tips that will help you attract traffic to your site and make sales using Pinterest.

1. Be pinnable

Make sure your site is filled with all kinds of images e.g. diagrams, photos and infographics. Having many images on your site makes it easier for visitors to pin your content. Remember to include Pinterest icons on your pages to encourage users to pin the contents of your site.

2. Use descriptions

With every image pinned, Pinterest offers a space for writing a description or caption. Be sure to maximize on this space so as to get the attention of your viewer. For instance, if you are selling a product, entice the buyer by explaining briefly how they will benefit from the product.

3. Get active

Being a social media site, Pinterest requires active participation from its users. Creating some pinboards and then forgetting about them will not do much in terms of getting people interested in your services and products. Therefore, you need to set aside regular time for pinning, repining, commenting and following. In case you are too busy to do it yourself, it would be advisable to assign the responsibility to someone else.

4. Get personal

As you go about your activities on Pinterest, make sure you add a personal touch. People would want to get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of your business and the people who work there. One of the best ways of getting personal is by creating boards which highlight the interests of your staff. In addition, you could create pinboards exclusively for your customers. Such boards could feature photos of people using your products. This would significantly enhance customer engagement. Finally, you could create boards which display photos from events sponsored by your business.

5. Think related

Many businesses are limited in the variety of products they offer. Having pinboards that feature photos of a small range of products will not do much to grab the interest of visitors. However, you could consider creating pinboards which feature images of anything related to your business or products. This will generate more interest in your customers.

6. Integrate

Pinterest allows users to integrate their activities with other social media. For instance, integrating Pinterest with your Facebook timeline will enable your pins to get posted automatically on Facebook. In addition, whenever you pin an image, you can choose to tweet about your pin.

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