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A Few Historical Facts on eBook Reader

Project Gutenberg is known as the oldest digital library in the world being set four decades ago which released its first digitalized work known to be the “Declaration of Independence”. Nowadays, this project comprises more than 100,000 titles, having 30,000 of them available for free.

Well, digitized books sounded great as long as there were no more trees needed to be cut to have the books edited. But there was the need of having a computer to be able to access them and this is how in 1998, the first portable device known as eBook reader came into being. The first devices were called the soft book reader and the Rocket eBook.

Gemstar is known to have bought these two eBook readers rights and advanced their promotional device in one TV show on Oprah. But because this was a limited selection with high prices it is no wonder that this early eBook reader device couldn’t make it on the consumers’ market. Philips started creating their own eBook readers introducing the use of e ink electronic paper. Sony came in 2006 with Sony eBook Reader featuring the e ink.

In 2007 Amazon launched their own eBook Reader known as the Kindle portable device for eBook reading. The fact that this one has become more famous is due to the built in wireless ‘whispernet’ being backed up by the huge Amazon collection of eBooks. More than this, with a click of a button one could easily purchase for downloading any available eBook in the Amazon store. Not to mention the feature of being able to download for free the beginning of a book and in case you didn’t like then you are entitled to decline its purchasing.

The year of 2008 has seen a raise of sales for Kindle devices until in 2009 when Kindle 2 was released on the market with more improved features. These ones were more chic looking, more storage capacity, longer better life and a more vivid text.

The one that followed in a few month was called Kindle DX with a better resolution, more memory, being able to read also PDF files. The display can be rotated from landscape to portrait making the charts and the graphics viewed in a much easier way. Over time it goes without saying that this device although now in competition with IRex, that is much more expensive than Kindle DX, will become as ubiquitous as iPod is nowadays. With the evolution of eBook readers, this device will start counting among the usual devices that one has in their household.

Not to mention that even old readers have started considering this type of eBook reader because they might have more money available as well as more time to spend with the reading. It is a shame to acknowledge this, as everyone should allocate some of their time for reading, regardless how busy their daily life is.

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

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