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Four Hound Solutions – One Stop Solution for Automated Test Equipment

In the age of electronics, it’s important for companies to have their systems and equipment tested. There are services that specialize in testing and diagnosing a variety of problems within the electrical components of computers, networking hardware, servers and other large scale consoles that utilize advanced electronic components.

For example, surge protection is a major issue in any building that hosts commercial size electronic devices and machines. A sudden surge of power can damage the delicate framework of huge network servers and other devices. Diagnostic tests can be done to check the vulnerability of any devices within office buildings.

Four Hound Solutions

Some commercial size devices are poorly designed, something that could lead to serious hazards in a building. For example, a circuit board can overheat and start a fire. Electrical engineers need to inspect heavy duty computer panels and other large scale operations involving electronic circuits.

Some electrical hardware in computer networks may be made of inferior materials. Older semiconductors do not have the same durable properties of modern materials that employ nanotechnology. For example, large outdated network servers could be wasting precious electrical sources and building up fire hazards gradually.

It is recommended that heavy duty electrical equipment inside offices be connected to separate fuse boxes that would go off in case of excessive power usage. Such fuse boxes would not shut down power to other parts of an office.

Old wires and cables should also be tested in office buildings. Sometimes, the insulation sheaths around metal wires can start to wear out. Exposed wires and cables pose serious fire hazards and other risks such as electrical shock. The best solution to this type of problem is to completely replace old electrical cables with modern materials such as fiber optics and other conductors.

To diagnose commercial computer devices, automated test equipment is usually employed. Automatic tests are done in a matter of minutes and they reveal a wealth of data about the electrical conditions of internal components.

Electrical hardware that is in good condition should be paired with software that works. Engineers have the task of ensuring that circuit boards are wired properly in order to deliver electrical signals and transmit data to computers and other devices within an office network.

Sometimes, a faulty software glitch could compromise the entire function of servers, routers and computers. Therefore, electrical engineers need to work closely with Information Technology specialists in any office setting.

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

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