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How to Restore Deleted Files Easily

What will you do when you suddenly deleted an important file while listening to music in enthusiasm? Do the work again? Here I present you a better alternative to this, Many times you wish to get back the files that you had deleted from your system and also from recycle bin. Restoration is an easy to use and straight forward tool to undelete files. It is possible to recover those files using a utility called RESTORATION.

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Restore files which are deleted from the Recycle Bin or deleted while holding down the Shift key by mistake. Conversely, this program has another function that makes it almost impossible to restore all deleted files. You can use it after deleting confidential documents, embarrassing files, and so on.

Key Features :

  • Restore files that were removed from the recycle bin.
  • Restore files that were directly deleted from withing the windows.
  • In addition, it also provides the option to wipe the found files beyond simple recovery.
  • Restoration works with FAT and NTFS.
  • Restore files from Digital Cameras, Cards as well from pen drive.
  • Supports Windows 9x,Windows NT, 2000, and XP.

Even if you find completely deleted files, their contents must be erased. If you want to erase the information too, please run the function again.

Usage Guidelines :

  1. Double click “Restoration.exe” file.
  2. Select a drive.
  3. Select a listed file.
  4. Click “Restore by copying” button.
  5. Specify the location you want to restore to

The program is small and standalone, it does not require installation and can also run from a Floppy disk. Restoration works with FAT and NTFS as well as digital cameras cards.

Download Restoration

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

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