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[How to] Run CCleaner Silently With a Single Click

Now you can run CCleaner silently in a background. CCleaner is one of the best programs to clean and maintain our Windows system to keep it in good condition, but you may not always remember to run the process of regular maintenance with CCleaner, which is why CCleaner includes the option to schedule maintenance of the system for those who forget to run it  in Options -> Settings -> Run CCleaner. This will run CCleaner to boot Windows which is not a good idea if you want a quick start Windows .

So better option is to run CCleaner silently at a later time than on the Windows startup, either manually or on schedule. I will explain it quickly to configure CCleaner in 3 easy steps as: prepare CCleaner, creating the shortcut, and scheduled to run.

1. Prepare CCleaner

The first thing you have to do is to prepare the program. Configures the cleaning operation the way you want it to run. The program automatically saves your personalized settings in a file to use in future cleaning. To verify that you have saved restart the program after making changes.

2. Create Shortcut

Now that you’ve configured the program, it’s time to create the shortcut. To do so click right CCleaner executable file – select the 32 bits or 64 bits depending on your operating system – and select “Create Shortcut” from the context menu.

The default shortcut only opens the window where you need to run CCleaner to clean manually. Since we want to run silently, without interaction by the user, we have to change their startup parameters. To do so click right in the newly created shortcut and select “Properties” from the contextual menu. Find the “Target” and attach / AUTO at the end of the field contents. Make sure there is a blank space between the file name and the parameter / AUTO .

Click on the “OK” afterwards, and double-click the shortcut to check it out. Note that you’ll see a UAC prompt, but then you will not see the CCleaner interface, as everything is handled in the background ever since.

3. Scheduled to run CCleaner Silently

So far you can run CCleaner silently with just one click shortcut. But you may prefer to automate the process. You can do this with the help of programmer Windows task.

Click on the “Create Task …”. This opens a new window where you need to make the following modifications. Enter a name like CCleaner on the General tab and check “Run with highest privileges”.

In the Triggers tab and then click on the “New …”. You can configure how to start CCleaner, from a schedule that is going to set up or when a specific event.

In the last step, switch to the Actions tab and click on “New …”, click the Browse button and select the CCleaner executable file, and add / AUTO in the “Add arguments”.

Click “OK” to return to the window of the main task of the programmer. You should now see the new task CCleaner. If you wish, you can right click and select Run from the options to see if it runs without errors. Hope, now you will be able to Run CCleaner Silently in a background.

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