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Huawei’s ‘Honor 2’ Android Smartphone with Retina Display

The competition among Smartphone manufactures cannot get better than what it is. Almost every day there is news of a new Smartphone being officially launched in the market. The latest entrant in this category is Huawei Honor 2 with retina display.

huawei honor 2

This new phone is the creation of the massive Chinese tech vendor Huawei and is all set to be launched in China. It will subsequently be officially available in countries like the U.S, UK and India thereafter.

Retina Display Technology

It was earlier in the year 2012 that corporate giant Apple introduced the technology of retina display. The iPad sported this new display screen. The all new Honor 2 from maker Huawei stands shoulder to shoulder competing with Apple who takes credit of introducing the retina display technology.

This technology increases pixel density by a convincing margin making it unable for the human eye to notice pixilation from a certain viewing distance. Apple uses this liquid crystal display technique on its products like iPod Touch, MacBook Pro and iPad. Since Huawei makes use of this retina display technology in Honor 2, image display expectations are high from the product.

More information about Huawei Honor 2

If purchasing a Smartphone device that is packed with the best of features for an economic price is on your wish list, you need to take a closer look at the Huawei Honor 2. Going by what the company claims, this Android device can be passed off as a high-end, elite Smartphone.

This looks like a sleek phone that is not too big a phone neither it is too small. If you are a big fan of Ice Cream Sandwich Android OS, this phone is sure to please you as it comes loaded with 4.0 version of this software. This OS has improved the overall performance of this device. This device comes installed with a few native apps, if they do not impress you; there is an option to uninstall them.

Quick facts about Huawei Honor 2

If you care for physical looks of your phone, this phone will impress you as it looks nice with its rounded edges. The body of this phone come with a matt finish and at the back sits the Huawei logo well under the camera.

One of the specifications that will steal your attention is the hardware that the mobile phone runs on. It is the company’s in-house creation K3V2 quad-core chip. The company claims that this chip has been clocked at 1.4 GHz. The retina display promises improved picture quality display on this phone managing to break 326 pixels per inch (ppi).

The dimensions of this phone are 4.80 x 2.42 x 0.43 while this phone weighs about 4.76 oz that is well below 5 oz. You can expect this phone to offer display of 480 * 854 pixels. Packed in this device is 512 MB RAM.

Two cameras are included in this phone. The front facing camera is a 2 megapixel camera one while the other camera is 8 megapixels and comes with features like High Dynamic Range (HDR), geo tagging, auto focus, digital zoom among other features.

Final verdict

Overall going by its specifications, this Smartphone is worth a buy. You get the features that you are looking for at a wallet-friendly price from one of the reputed Android phone makers, so you can go ahead and get your hand on this high-end budget-friendly gadget as it offers great value for money.

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