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Insert Your Latest Tweet to Your Email Signature with TwitFooter

TwitFooter is a one of the best Twitter tool that lets you display your latest tweet as your signature in the footer of your email.  It means everytime you post new tweets on your profile, your Twitter status will automatically be updated in your email, even the ones already sent.

TwitFooter is compatible with all mailing systems that support HTML signatures. So you can use with Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook and Hotmail.

How to Include It In Gmail

  • Sign in to Gmail and then Click Settings at the top of Gmail page.
  • Enter your new signature text in the box at the bottom of the page next to the Signature option. As you type, the radio button will shift from No Signature to the text box.
  • Click Save Changes.

TwitFooter offers some configuration settings. In addition to displaying your latest tweet, you can choose to display your bio or a random tweet. You can use TwitFooter very easily.

Once you have authorized this app with your twitter account , you will get the code that you can insert in your email signature. So it means you can disable TwitFooter anytime.

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

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