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iOS 6 Concept Video: Full Of Good Ideas

We would like to show you a new iOS 6 concept video with the start of Apple’s WWDC 2012, speculation is rife about the new features provided by Apple’s operating system iOS. True to the tradition that each new terminal of the company goes through concept art before their formal presentation, We just fount a online video that shows vision of iOS 6:

We thus find a succession of ideas and features designed to enhance user experience throughout the video. Some extraordinary features like a new panel management tasks in the manner of Mission Control in MacOS or a notification system built right into the badges of applications is likely to be added in iOS version 6.

iOS 6 concept video

Well, here let me tell you that this is not a official video, this is just a iOS 6 concept video but these are some features that are likely to be added in iOS.

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