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iPhone 6 : Rumours

While Apple’s iPhone 5S and iPhone 5c are still amazingly in demand since their launch in September, the rumors of the new generation flagship series iPhone 6 are circulating around and people are expecting what the next release from Apple could look like.

The latest anticipation is the size of the iPhone 6. People are wondering what the screen of the new launch would actually be. It is said that it will come with full HD 1080p Retina display. The rumor has been in action from Mac Fan, the Japanese Magazine. The magazine stated that the screen size is expected to be 5 inches diagonally.


This will make the iPhone 6 an inch bigger in comparison to the iPhone 5S screen and the device will stand directly in competition to the Google Nexus 5. However, the recent rumors state that Apple hasn’t clarified anything about the screen of its flagship release.


While the features of the handset will be under examination till the Smartphone is released, Apple fanatics are undoubtedly looking after the finishing and color scheme in which Apple is going to release the iPhone 6. CIRP (Consumer Intelligence Research Partners in Chicago) examined the colour of the iPhone 5S handset preferred by the people: Silver, Grey and Gold.

iPhone 6 release date

Till the time, Apple brings a dramatic change in its launch schedule, we’re pretty sure that iPhone 6 will make its entry in the Smartphone world till September 2014. However, news spread reveals that Apple will release a bigger iPhone 6 as a partner to iPhone 5S. If this is the case, then we shall see the new device till May/ June of 2014.

Screen Size

The Wall Street Journal reports indicate that Apple is practicing with screen sizes ranging from 4.5 to 6 inches. Speculations reveal that Apple is endeavouring to push it closer to the 5 inch screen provided by its other contemporaries. As per MacRumors, one analyst reported that Apple could come up with 4.8 inch Retina +IGZO display crafted by Sharp, which will bring out a sleeker, brighter and better device- boasting higher HD resolution.


Analysts predicted that the company will enhance the storage capacity of the device and increase it to 128GB from its at-present top storage 64GB handset. The expectation will further lead to the release of 128GB iPad model. Apple is planning to employ the same technology in its iPhone 6.


Well, not a great surprise, the next processor to be included in the Apple new generation release will be quad core A8 or a developed A7. The big thing to note here is the better battery efficiency of the phone.

Apple is looking forward to push the Korean Smartphone manufacturer further out of the picture by releasing its 8thGenSmartphone. With the A8 processor, it will surely outburst Samsung.


Apple purchased the sensors from Sony and now it is coming up with 13MP sensor that will use lesser area without compromising with the image quality of the phone. A patent from Apple revealed that iPhone can distantly control other lighting gadgets – extra flashes and work somewhat similarly to the professional photography studios.


A new feature to be included in the iPhone 6 is the use of sonar which replaces the infrared sensors. As per the Apple Insider- it allows the phone to detect where the phone is and alert the user about an object coming.

Another rumor is the launch of smart bezel which will showcase info around the display. As per Macworld, the smart bezel could use flashing button and symbols which stands in tune to the on-screen activity.

Operating system

Unless Apple cuts down its own traditions and releases, the iPhone 6 will come with iOS 8. As the iOS 7 brings the much required visible overhaul for Apple’s software, Apple is reinventing the cycle again.


Apple patent was uncloaked for a fingerprint sensor which collaborated with NFC technology allowing wireless payment, file transferring, media playback and more. Till iPhone 5s, it was a big no, but it may come in Phone 6.

Apple iPhone 6 may feature a wraparound display. The design will boast of wraparound AMOLED Display, which will be quite similar to the iPod Nano, 4th generation. As per the patent, the screen may the capability to unroll and unfold, thanks to the unfolding mechanism which allows the screen area to get double in size. The other features include face recognition; gesture control along with the layering of the display to get a 3D effect has also been described in the patent.

iPhone 6 casing

It is being seen that the new iPhone device will be coming in three different sizes. The three handsets have been named as iPhone 6 Mini, iPhone 6 XL as well as the iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 Home Button

Apple has made a new release with enormous Retina+ IGZO screen and new design factor without any home button. Gesture controlling has been included and the new Touch ID fingerprint from Apple is for sure an inclusion.

Apple tracking

Apple hasn’t been able to ignore the eye tracking movement, which its other contemporaries are delivering. Apple is planning to bring in some motion technology with its next iPhone release, from uMoove.

Wireless charging

Not in the mainstream though, but Apple can definitely give it a push. As per the reports of CP Tech, Apple has filed a wireless charging, but still it is not pretty sure about what Apple is actually planning for.

These are some of the speculations which the analysts have come across till now. Till its release there will be many updates from the company. However, all these rumors will get its stamp only once the company declares something officially. Thus, while the Apple aficionados await the release of iPhone 6, the speculators are busy anticipating what next could they see from Apple? However, nothing till now has been confirmed by the brand till now. They are just rumors!!

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