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What kind of Phone is Best for the Less Technologically Minded?

There have been massive leaps and bounds in technology over the last few years. Bigger storage, faster processors, amoled screens and HD cameras are all the rage these days, and it seems that you can’t turn around in a shop without seeing these features being touted as the reason to buy a phone. But what if you just want to make calls or send text messages? If all the high tech stuff isn’t for you, then there are options that you might find more appealing.

In the last couple of years, phone manufacturers have recognised the need for a phone that is just a phone, for the sort of people who don’t want to bother messing around with lots of options or ringtones or internet settings. Nokia and Motorola are still the leading brands in simple and affordable handsets, ranging from basic to the slightly more advanced.

Alcatel has a range of phones that, while in some cases retaining the touchscreen you would find on a modern smart phone, are much simpler to use. Some come with a standard qwerty keyboard to make it easier to send messages, or even emails should the need arise. For those who just need a phone for emergency use, there is the OT282, a model that comes with a large front number pad, easy to read screen, a torch and an easy to reach SOS button, if ever you need to call for assistance quickly.

There are still some phones that are designed simply to make calls and send messages. Some of them come with little extras like a built in FM radio, but the price isn’t affected very much by the little extras.

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

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