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Laser Printer : Ideal Choice for Your Next Printer

When you want to buy a new printer, the typical confusion you face in your mind is the choice between Laser printer and Inkjet printer. Inkjet printer has its own merits, and one cannot deny from that fact, but Laser printer has always proved to be much more productive and easier for day to day printing work than inkjet printers.

Laser Printer

To ease the confusion in your mind, below I am listing few important advantages, a Laser printer provides over an Inkjet printers,

1. Laser printer prints more

Laser printer use toner for printing while Inkjet printers use ink cartridge. This difference affects the speed by which they print. While Inkjet printing speed is low, Laser printer prints at much faster pace.

2. Laser Printer saves money

Use of the toner also gives longevity to Inkjet printers, which means that over the period of time, you save much more money.

3. Laser printers are faster

Laser printer is much more quicker in printing than Inkjet printers. When time of essence, you have to trust Laser printer .

4. Laser printers are much more durable

Laser printers are designed in much better and more advanced manner. It’s life expectancy is far longer than Inkjet printers. Purchasing a laser printer will certainly help you to curtail your costs and keep your mind peaceful for a long time.

5. Quality

Laser printer prints images without any streak, mark or blot. The clarity with which it can produce images is unmatched. Laser printer will ensure that you will get highest quality images every time you print.

6. Inkjet cartridge has the tendency to leak

If there is any problem in installation, inkjet cartridge tends to leak, thus affecting the printer. Laser jet printer don’t have any such problem and hence again it helps in saving the cost.

7. Laser printer are ideal for business use

Considering the speed, quality and durability , laser printers are much more cut out for business use than inkjet printers

8. Even home users should go for laser printers : Considering the same benefits, especially on the cost front, Laser printers are ideal solution for home users.

An ideal place to buy laser printers is one place where you can choose from the range of laser printers available in affordable price.Konicaminolta provides color laser printers for small teams, workgroups and single users.  Konica Minolta Business Solutions has won Buyers Laboratory LLC’s (BLI’s) most coveted award – A3 MFP Line of the Year for the year 2011 and 2012.

Konica Minolta Business Solutions is also 5 times BERTL’s Best Production Line of the Year Award winner and there are several other awards which has been won for the performance, quality and services by the company.

If you are still stuck with Old inkjet printers or planning buy a new printing solution, Laser printers from is an ideal choice. It provides quality , affordability and durability. Your productivity is bound to increase with your savings.

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

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