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Latest Prevention For Hacking

In the earlier times hackers used to be referred to as computer geeks, who could come up with a modification of a device and make it work tremendously different from the initial or the original purpose of the manufacture.

But times have changed and now hackers are persons with malicious intentions who invade your computer and make them malfunction using Trojans malware and other tools, actually this person makes your system plorificated and thus easily accessible by virus and at her malware’s.

Latest Prevention For Hacking

One of the ways to tackle the hackers is using the Norton telephone number. This number is very useful for conducting the Norton Company in case of attacks on your computer. The customer support will also give one help on other method to prevent your system from attacks.

This method includes.

1. Clear cookies
2. Using CHMOD permissions
3. Avoiding generic Usernames
4. Securing ports
5. Updating security patches
6. Using strong passwords

Clear cookies

One of the latest tricks that hackers use is to let a malware be blocked as a cookie in your system then later it resurfaces and harms your system. If then you are a system administrator who uses various system, then it is very good of you to just clear all cookies before you leave your machine. This will go a long way in deleting any threats that may have just been detected as cookies on your machine.

Using CHMOD permissions

This is a system of allowing access to your site depending on the priority. The system assigns a particular number to the folder on your server that will define its accessibility to the machine.

The system gives files numbers ranging from 000 to 777, so one will need to determine which files get higher access to the sensitive files. This is a good way to keep unwanted files from accessing sensitive information that could be targeted by hackers.

Avoiding generic usernames

It is very dangerous to use common words for password because this makes it even easier for the hackers. Names like ‘admin’ or “administrator’ for password is like giving the hackers a ride in the pack and just letting them easily access your system. It is very necessary then to avoid these generic names

Securing ports

Ports are used to send data out and into the server. This is very common for file transfer protocols, and not many people that use them unless they are serious system administrators. These ports are constantly opening and closed when using the servers. Hackers have discovered that this is a loophole and thus there is need that all PORTS are properly closed.

Updates of patches

Today hackers have realized that there is a great loophole on patches. Once they realize that a program has a hole they will be quick to set a counterfeit patch that can be a very dangerous when you use it to update your software. It therefore, follows that one has to check on the type of patches you choose to use as makeup for your crushed software. Always ensure you get very authentic patches.

Using strong passwords

Crackers have tried greatly to devise better ways to crack through passwords. There is need therefore to use a password that is very hard. This can be done by using random letters and numbers like “psa54@” this will make it very difficult for the crackers to make through your password.

In a nutshell, it is very important that you secure your system, if you make them susceptible to hackers then the effects are catastrophic. The secret is just in the four ways this article has mentioned. Though there are many others but this might salvage you from the effects of this malicious persons.

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

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