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A Leading Newspaper Tries Breathing Life Into Their Pages With QR Codes

With most major newspapers running to the online world to keep their boats afloat, one is trying to win the hearts of those who are savvy with mobile devices. The people at USA Today are taking a step towards them by using QR codes in their pages. Read on to find out more on the continuing advance of the QR code here in this informative article.

A New Era Of Digital Connectivity 

The mobile revolution continues to gain steam with the general public. There now seems to be enough mobile-equipped readers of the daily newspaper USA Today to convince the editors they need to please those with smartphones. Something called a QR “Quick Response” Code is now being imprinted along with the written word in this popular newspaper.

What is a QR code? It is a square graphic with even smaller squares inside, arranged in such a way that a camera can understand it with the correct software. It has been used in Japan for years, as it was invented there. The Japanese company “Denso Wave” created what they called the “2D code” back in 1994. It is just now catching on in the United States.

A QR Codes For Every Section

USA Today has now chosen to allow their readers to launch interactive content using the QR code and a smartphone. They are working together with AT&T to bring these “mobile barcodes” to the newspaper-reading public.

The newspaper is not going to have the codes on every page, but it will have them on every section. The AT&T codes will be attempting to bridge the gap between purely digital content and the traditional printed word.

What Will The QR Codes Do For The Newspaper Reader?

What advantages will this have for the mobile newspaper reader? One that will hopefully come to fruition is that the newspaper will be able to judge more what their readership is interested in. The idea of using a QR code to a captive audience is a great way to ask people what they want. In an age where printed newspapers are going the way of the land line telephone, this can end up being a lifeline for USA Today.

In a strange turn of events the information age passed up the traditional channels of information putting many of them, the newspapers, out of business. The USA Today strategy is attempting to put a cap on that trend.

Since the QR codes is being found on more and more things we will have to wait and see if USA Today is going to hit the jackpot or not with this proven form of information exchange.

Vishal Gaikar

Vishal Gaikar

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